Splitting the stems


Hey y’all :slight_smile: Looking for some insight on splitting the stems on my plants. Anyone try it? Did it make a difference in your thc levels? Any info is welcome of course :slight_smile:


This supposed to stress the plant and tell her it’s time to finish. You need to do this at least 3 days before harvest.
Here you can read about it!(why I can’t paste my copy link?)
Enter in ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/grow-huge-buds/#split-stem


Thx for the link :slight_smile: I have done a ton of research on this topic. I’m hoping someone on here has actually tried it out.


I plan on it this time. I was a chicken last time but wanna see what difference itll make


I tried it 3 times. I split the stem on each grow so I don’t know the difference.


It looks really simple…and the fact that u do it three days before chop it really couldn’t do that much damage as it ready?? That’s my way of thinking. I’m totally doing it! I can’t wait. I even bought a box of pencils just for the girls,lol :slight_smile:


I figure if it kills them thats what i was going to do in a couple days anyway.


This is the one and only pic I have of my Purple Kandy. It was about 4 weeks from harvest! I have mastered the crystal part! Luv it!!


Exactly!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t see any amber there… Maybe 1 week more?
Just check the trichomes every day from now on, and before you decide it’s the time check the trichomes everywhere because you can see only a spot whit amber (I do this now because I harvest to early all my grows).
This is how my girl look, in two hours I split the stem if she pass the final inspection. Tue Nov 28 20-38-25


That pic was from my last grow…my first. I didn’t save any pics cause I didn’t have anyone to share them with that I wanted to talk to about it. My weeks maybe a bit off as it was what seems like forever ago :slight_smile: Luv your pic! Looks yummy!


Thx. I also don’t have anyone to share my hobby… My only confident is ILGM community :heart_eyes:
I will take a few pictures when I do it if I will do it :+1:


I am so glad I found ILGM <3 It’s great to be able to share with others alike! Also nice to find follow women growers. There are none where im from.


Is not ready for splitting so I will keep you posted.


We did it to some we harvested in October @Ozzymomma1. We noticed more trichomes and a sudden growth spurt on the buds. Go to my thread Two girls starting to flower and you can see how we did it per tips ftom some good of the good folks on the forum. We let ours go about 4 or 5 days if I remember correctly, before we harvested. I split each twice, made one split and another above it at 90 degrees. We took several pics of the splitting and how it effected the buds.


Right on thanks so much! Checking it out for sure :wink:


Perfect thread! That’s exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to see the effects it had in the leaves during the process. Now I’m very excited to split! Thank you @Buck3


Glad I could help @Ozzymomma1! Good luck and please tag me when you do.


And I changed my mind and I do it, I’m planning to split the stem twice.


I just drilled 5 holes in mine going up the stem…

I wanted to find a way where I didn’t have to leave a stick in there and I figured the stem would actually be stronger at standing with just holes instead of a split up the length of her…