Splitting the stalk


im at the opening of 6 weeks of flower would it be too early to split the plant?


@perezj17 two days or up to week before harvest
You’ll need to determine how far away you are using a set schedule isn’t the best way to determine harvest time tricombes color along with a few other visual identification would be better dark pistols no new pistols leaves yellowing and dieing off etc


okay thanks ! I will b posting visuals soon again thnx!



Someone mentioned that they actually split, not topped, the main stem @ the
top to keep plant short…


I’ve never heard of it @nt3
Doesn’t mean it’s not a Technique just I’ve never heard of anyone doing it
Stem splitting interrupts flow of nutrients flowing up stem if done on bottom so I think it worluld work the same up top ?
Let’s see if @Majiktoker , @garrigan65 @Hogmaster or @Donaldj these guys will know for sure if it’s a true technique



Check this link out I’m sure you’ll find what your looking for




Looking poking fristy not seeing much amber in the tricombes yet


okay thanks bro I appreciate the Feed bak


I can understand why doing it would stunt the vertical growth since she will slow for repairs, but why not just lean her over and tie her down if you’re only doing it to reduce overall height?

Stem splitting is a very high stress method for increasing THC. It’s recommended to do it just a few days before harvest because the plants become succeptable to various things with that severe a wound.

You can supercrop them to reduce height without opening the stalk to outside factors like insects and fungus.

Just something to consider…


Well said @FloridaSon and nice to see you around brother I hope everything is well
I saw some post way after the fact :+1:
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Thx FloridaSon. Just had seen someone mention this as a method to curtail height. Agree with your assessments.
I also do LST, SCROGGING, topping, fimming…


No problem. You can still try it out and see what happens, but that open wound is something you needed to take into consideration.

I had a bag seed girl this spring that was accidentally split while pinching the stem aggressively. I regretted not securing the wound after I first saw the email about splitting the stalk.

Too much to risk in loss of yield. Right before harvest, it no longer matters since you’re fixing to kill her anyway.


Life is returning more to normal. Thanks for asking. Trials in life makes us stronger. :wink:


Agreed @FloridaSon
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Not sure what they call it… but I know in the hills of Africa they will take there plants that are around 3 feet tall and still in veg and split the stem from the top all the way to the bottom… essentially turning 1 plant into 2 and at the same time that they do that they stomp the crap out of them , like a major form of super cropping… looks pretty traumatic , but they swear by it… I guess there thinking is that if the plant can live through that it will live through anything… :wink:
Like I said , I can’t remember what it’s called but if you look hard enough on the interwebs , you’ll find it… :wink:

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