Splitting the stalk


My wht widow bout week from harvest was thinking of trying technique to see if it produces more trichomes I’m seeing some amber comin in fast might skip last feeding what you guys think

HARVEST The last white widow day 69



will be watching thinking of trying around week 8 of flowwering


Ice how in the hell you been long time no see…
follow this link



Yes… If you’re a week away from harvest, you do need to skip last feeding, and start flushing.
That is if you were chemical feeding.


Hey still learning and smoking entered bud of the month for January chk it out loving this white widow


Ok people I’ve trimmed my wht widow and their is very noticeable difference in trichomes the first set of pics is from plant that was not split second set of pics from split plant will be doin this for now on…thks again Robert


That is a very noticeable difference!


Awesome great job


Ok I was on the fence but you think you convinced me to try it
I know you said it before but I’m stoned and lazy lol
How long before you split it I’m getting close to harvest a think I want to try on one of my girls after seeing these pictures :v:️:+1::+1::v:️:cowboy_hat_face:CB


I’m going to do mine about 3 days before, then put them in 48 hours of Darkness.


Ok sounds like a solid plans I think the email said as early as 1 week but I’m waiting for tricombes to amber up so 3day works for me
How soon before you harvest @Traumamedic



Dood… I have no clue.
I’m on day 62 of flowering. I thought I was getting close because all the white pubes turned brown.
So I started watching for some Amber, but then the buds started growing hairs again on top.
I guess they just decided to start stacking again.
I’m beginning to get a little impatient, I need my table to get these Pac-Man’s started vegging.
They should be ready for the big light in about a week or so.

My room is 12 by 16 feet. I should divide it into 2 rooms and make a veg room and a flower room.


I split 3 days before I’m going to try next grow for 7 days


Nice @Traumamedic I’m redoing my grow room after I harvest so I can do the same thing lol
Be patient bro
@iceberg thanks for the info I’m going to do it :+1:



I do know one thing I am going to do before I start another grow.
I’m going to put my light on a track so I can move it. I don’t know how many times I’ve hit my head on the corner of that hood.


Anyone doing top stem splitting to limit height?
Saw mentioned in “big buds” blog.


Not sure what you mean but top stem splitting
If your referring to topping a plant it works well ?
But you wouldn’t split the stem @nt3


thats a great idea ur not alone bud