Split the stalk

Second year out door grower, was going to let a couple of my ladies go natural to the end, this week they started turning into 6 ft trees so I was lst one this morning and the stalk split like 2 inches down I immediately sealed her back up what should I do? Is the top a total loss see pics

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You did good, it will heal up. Sometimes it happens. I would keep the bands or whatever you have around it for awhile, if not indefinitely. As the plant grows, that area will swell up. Im guessing you topped right there? Next time you top a plant, Leave a little bit of the stem left, around 1/8" or so, as it will help prevent any splitting next time. If you don’t leave any stem, that area swells up and can split on its own too.


I top and heavy lst my plants all the time and split right where you split. Zip ties work great