Split the main stem

Was stretching it out when I heard a crack. It doesn’t look bad to me but is it? How you think it will affect it going forward. Should I tape it lol. It’s still intact at the bottom.

These pics are just the rest of the plant

I have heard to put honey or aloe in the break, and then tape it up. I have not had to deal with this yet (knocks on wood), but that is what I’ve heard.


I agree with @Ron330 get some honey or aloe on the break and tape it back together.

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I’ve had worse than that, and didn’t even know it for a couple of weeks

Like the others said, put a little honey or aloe vera on it and tape it up. After a couple of weeks, take the tape off


I have had that happen to me i just put a small dab of honey on the split area and tape it up with black tape it will heal on its own but honey is a super food and has a lot of good things in it for your plants another thing that split will do once it heals up it going to put off a hormone off in the plant that helps your buds get bigger i have friend that split ever one of their or stick a knife throw the main stem


@Dmullinax, I would have to agree with all above. I have done the same thing multiple times, sometimes I get a little too aggressive with my bending. You know what they say, no pain, no gain. Honey and aloe to the rescue. Has worked every time for me. I keep a jar of honey in my grow room.


I have honey plenty . Hit it with the honey and taped it.
I’ll pick up some aloe. Any speciffic?

Just tape it back together.

I have done worse and just taped it with electrical tape and it healed.

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