Split my plant in half!

So checked on my girls today, tried to give her a little stretch n split her wide open where I made my first top. I taped the node back up to the main stem in hopes it will heal itself. Is this something that can be healed? Should I use something other than the duct tape I had on hand? Thanks in advance. Sorry I don’t have a better picture I didn’t want to risk making it worse by pulling the tape off

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When a split occurs, it is recommended to first cover the split with aloe vera gel (like you use on burns) or raw honey. Helps speed healing and protects the cut from contaminants. Use pretty much anything that will hold the split together. Think, a bad cut that has been sutured together will heal faster and stronger, than a cut that was not.
I used soft wire tie on this one

A month later. I should have removed the tie a little sooner than I did.


Thanks I hope she heals up as nice as yours


@BeenDannyG Yes it will heal. I also have used duct tape because what does duct tape NOT fix? lol


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This is what I just came back to after a couple hrs :neutral_face:

Damn, when they wilt like that usually not good sign. This is why I no longer pull and spread I super crop and position. Sounds the same but one ends with plant splits the other does no harm


Not a good thing but i would wait another day or 2 to panic

First time training and i did this like 3 or 4 times

This was before i heard about honey or aloe…

And if this one i did not even notice survived then…

The bud on the broken stem i missed


Did I hear super crop. Have to start somewhere. This was my practice plant. Maybe got a little carried away. You can see a straw splint behind the severely damaged one.

One week later. Still alive


Oh yeah they can take it. I haven’t permanently damaged a plant with super cropping yet. I’m not even gentle with it anymore, no rocking back and forth, just a grab and snap. Secure, and on to the next.

On the other hand I maimed a bunch with traditional lst pull downs. Have a graveyard of branches in my local dumpster.


Better than @merlin44 s Bud grave yard out back…or would that count as a sign that things are good?..now im confused…lol


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@Nanashi0_o @Eagles009 @beardless

The rest of the plant seems pretty healthy still. Will I be able to get away with just losing the one branch/node? This was my biggest/healthiest plant out of the group, I’m sick that I might have ruined her :woozy_face:

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the plant is Definatly not ruined…for sure…

The branch? dont let it see the fear in your eyes…(dont want it to give up hope cuz it still has a chance)

This is solely from me and that knott i call a head and not a fact i have read…perhaps misting the branch a bit as it mends will keep it going as the stem heals enough to start moving sap again?

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Rest of her will be fine. Prepare to lose the wilted bit. I’ve done worse and got her to a healthy harvest. I lost the whole top of that plant down to the first node lol



Be sure you have a good solid connection between the stem and damaged part.


Give it some time although that droop is intense… I would transplant eventually but right now just see what it does keep your values in line.

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Besides that I feel like the garden is looking good. I feel like I’ve reached a coast point almost. Anything I should be keeping in mind at 5weeks?

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At week 5 …dont smoke them


It’s tempting they already smell pretty good! :joy: