Split: Marijuana deficiencies


I’em sorry Claire and Lakewood…some how I screwed u here. Should have waited for you to answer her question first. I’ll know better next time…sorry.
But if you could take a look at these leaves…it’s got worse since the last time I fed them so no more grow booster with the flower and mass booster. I thought they needed more nitrogen guess not must be something else making then turn yellow they are in there 20th day of flowering. i’em counting the days when I first noticed flowers not when I flipped to 12/12
Everything else is up to par ph 7.0



Will, what has a pH of 7.0? It should be 6.5 for soil and 5.8 for hydro. Maybe this is your problem? Also the pH of what you feed them(water or water and nutrient mix) is not necessarily the same as the pH at the roots in the soil, if growing in soil you need to know both. And both should be 6.5, unless the soil turns out to be out of range, then you can adjust the pH up or down of what you feed them to bring the soil back to 6.5.


I checked the ph at the roots and come up with 7 and the water is 7 so I must bring it down. So I will hit home depo and pick up some ph down hopefully this will work.
I’em growing in soil and would the nutrients change the ph in the water?
Thank you Stoner for your time and input. I’em using mass booster an flower booster one cap of each to a gal. of water. I’ll test that also.



I read up on this and from what I read is that 7 ph is neutral and 6.5 is real good.
I checked the ph again of the water a new batch of water and came up with 7 ph I then added the nutrients as I said before and it changed to 6.5 ph which is great. after I fed the plants I waited 2 hr’s and checked the soil the ones with yellowing was 7.2 all others were 7 or 6.5 ph so I will get some ph down and treat just the yellowing plants. Does that sound right.
I just read your response again and I should bring the 7.0 ph down to 6.5 is that right cause there is a little yellowing here and there hardly at all but still its there.

Thanks Will


I suggest you get the PH up/down liquid that you can add to the water or nutrient mix. The stuff you add to the soil can build up and cause you to go too far.


Hey OG how have you been? Yes, I will… I’ll have 3 mix’s one up and one for down and
one just water and nutrients.
The down side of it all, is that i’em going to have to check all 20 ladies and make any adjustments. Say OG you could help me test all of them right…lmao
Just kidding.



Good plan Will. The ones that you have discovered with 7.2 are probably the only ones that need significant treatment, keep an eye on all of them and try and keep all of them as close to 6.5 as possible. Remember old leaves may not improve much in appearance, but as long as new growth looks healthy and green your improvements should be working.


Hey Stoner thanks buddy…now that I think we have figured it out being a ph problem I can stop useing the grow booster because its not nitrogen problem and just stay with the flower and mass booster. They still have 44 more days left before harvest.
I will stick to my plan.
Once again Thank You



No problem Will, 'fixed the thread as well, I made this part of your own separate thread.


Ok this is what I have come up with so far …the water is 7.0 1 gal so I added one cap mass booster and one cap of flower and dam the ph tester went to 6.5
So I added one cap of grow booster and the meter went back to 7.1
so I dumped that out and did the same thing only without the grow booster and it went to 6.5
If I check the water add nutrient mix and make sure its 6.5 ea feeding time this should work RIGHT?
I’em ordering the liquid up and down So when iem just watering I can keep the water also at 6.5
And I will check the soil every other day to make sure everything is 6.5
I was testing the grow booster by itself one cap to one gal of water and it went just about to 8.0
so i’em thinking if I were to bring the water to 5.5 and then add one cap of grow booster to the gal of water it should come back to 6.5
I will test this theory when I get the liquid ph
What do you all think?



You are basically right on. You are best off figuring this out as you have planned. Once you do; It will come naturally as time goes on.

Once you get the PH close to 6.5 all the time; You will not have to continually check the PH. You will be able to tell if the PH varies by watching the plants. This will also come in time. :slight_smile:

We have always preached that PH 6.5 for soil is perfect. MJ loves slightly acidic soil. PH 7.0 as you stated is Neutral. This value is the absolute margin for error.

Nice thread. Very good info here. Peace


I have you and Stoner and everyone else to thank.
I read what you both say to help other’s here in the support room.
I will copy and paste in my note pad so I can read later.
I do the same on what you all help me with.

I ordered the ph last night so I will keep you both informed after I get started.
Like you said, all in time.
Thank you all again…till later



I got the ph up and down w/strips today. That was fast…sweet… anyway I will start on testing tonight.
I will let you all know how it works out. Till then be safe



Well I got the water and nutrient mix to some where in between 5.5 and 6.5 followed the instr. and Bam dead on.
This should really help them a lot. I’em going to water them ONLY for 2 or three days to clear the soil of any impurity’s and then start with the 5.5 -6.5 solution.

Please let me know if this is a good plan…I try to figure things out with thought and research before I jump.

Thank you for any input

Will P.S Still can’t find them dam pic’s…lol


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Thanks Will


I( have been fighting this problem for a while now. I have been adding a cap of grow booster along with flower and mass booster to one gal of water and they still are turning yellow. Not real bad but they are still turning yellow ph is 7 they get fed every 3-4 day then just water every day not much just when they tell me they need water. I just added the grow booster a week and a half ago, don’t figure any thoughs on this…Thanks