Split/drill stem... how to do it?

I would like to try the split/drill stem process on my auto flower WW… I’ve heard it not recommended on autos is this true and should I try it and how?

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You can drill autos the same as photos. Do it 4-10 days before harvest :v::bear:


What are the risks? And how do I do it?.. make a 1 inch slit with two zip ties and both ends and put wooden skewers in the slit to keep it open?


You can do it that way, but I prefer to drill the stem. Lessens the chances of getting hurt :wink:


There’s a section in this guide on splitting the stem
Take a look otherwise @MattyBear has you covered


Here’s mine…I did it a week before harvest and then turned the lights off for 48 hrs prior to harvest.
Tie up the stalk at the bottom close to the soil ( strong zip ties can be used too. Just be sure they are tight) and repeat about 4" up. Use a sharp knife to gradually cut into the stalk between the ties. The stalk is hollow in the middle so try not to be too agressive with the knife. When its thru, turn the knife side ways to open it up a bit and push thru whatever your going to use. pencil, chopstick…You wantbsomething big enough to keep the plant from healing itself yet not to big that you’ll crack the stalk… .Goodluck…puff puff pass…