Spidermites on Harvest day

Just found spider mites on my plants, was not there two days ago when I checked. This was my weekend to harvest but now do I call it a loss or can I spray it down today and still harvest? This is the only window I have until next weekend.

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Ya spray it down with capt jacks dead bug and do a bud wash right after harvest and hang to dry


Budwash recipe

Bud wash with a heavy peroxide bucket. Dunno if id use the insecticide. @Covertgrower or @Myfriendis410 @MeEasy any input?

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Is there any way to do a peroxide watering? Ive done mosquito bits, dried out the soil and have sticky traps and fungus gnats are still coming out like a surprise party.

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Peroxide watering …good question. If I am using that to clean before drying, would it remove the eggs? I sprayed that one branch that I removed with captain jack, but he must have jumped ship because hours later they are still running skit. I just gave neem oil.

Neem oil is not to be used on flowering plants. It will make it impossible to smoke. (nasty)

A peroxide bud wash at harvest should remove most organic material like mites. Eggs are present on leaves that are going to be removed anyway.


Since I already did the treatment of Neem oil, is there anyway to ubdue the damage? They were very active/alive after applying captain jacks

Captain Jack’s takes 5 days to work.

If it were mine I’d let the plant continue to grow for ten days to hopefully dissipate the Neem residue. Definitely perform a bud wash at harvest. Also; if you freeze your dried harvest for 7 days it should kill any residual spider mite eggs. I normally store all of my harvest in the freezer.

Just when I thought flushing them would work. I was just about to hose them down outside

I would check out Growers Ally Crop Defender 3. It’s and insecticide, fungicide and a miticide all in one and can be used to day of harvest, I’ve came across a few times after I chopped and found little webs a few days after hanging. Called Growers Ally and they said I could spray during drying without any damage, Completely organic with peppermint, clove and another oil if I remember correctly. Works great and great customer service if you have any questions. I’ve been using their products on all my grows.

Thanks for that, I will look into it to see if it’s on Amazon. Also what I got from your information is, I still have to worry in harvest. I just want to cure and smoke. I know I will get there soon.

Amazon does carry crop defender. I’ve ordered it there a couple times. Like fellow followers said, neam isn’t good for flowering plants. If you wanted more info for there products, feel free to look at their site.

I’m due to harvest a plant or two next weekend, pending weather. Would you always wash outdoor grown buds? And if so, does it change how you approach hanging them to dry? I kind of like the idea of dipping them in a peroxide bath, but don’t like the idea of hanging up wet buds. I’m guessing for the first day or two you might do something to start drying them a bit more aggressively? Or do you just keep the same conditions as you would if you didn’t wash them?

I bud washed 2 autos I had growing outside (found 1 caterpillar floating afterwards!), and between wash/rinse and after rinse, I just gave it a big spin, like a little kid spinning in circles as fast as I can, holding the bud in my hand and stem up my arm. got most of the water off it. Then I hung from the shower curtain rail with a small fan on them for 2 hours, then just used the bathroom fan for air circulation after that. Worked for me!


I keep reading it doesn’t change potency or flavor to wash, or at least very minimally, but does change the appearance. Can you or anyone clarify this? Exactly how does it change and by how much? It doesn’t really matter to me, but I should have more than enough to give to friends and don’t want to gift them ugly looking buds.

After washing mine, still looked the same, maybe even cleaner! It’ll get rid of pet hair, dust, and anything ese that could make your bud-dies go “ewwwww”! I would’ve been grossed out if I broke open a bud and found that dead caterpillar!

Remember, this is done before it’s dry and final trim done. Do a heavy wet trim first tho and get rid of any leaves you won’t be smoking!

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Thanks for the information, I didn’t want brown looking weed or something so glad you didn’t notice any change in bag appeal.

This is a bud wash from one plant:

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