Spidermites, need help

Question from a fellow grower:

Hey guys I think its spidermites but I dont wanna spray the buds what should i do just defoliate ? I have sprayed it with water and then watered it with neem oil but no neem on the plant leaves or buds just the soil and stem. Do you have a link or sugestion.

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Ive never had to use neem. Dr Earth organic bug killer & de.
Where are you at in your grow? If you have a real bad infestation you may have to use the neem on the plant itself & wash your buds upon harvest. @Myfriendis410, havent you treated & washed after for spider mites? If so help please.

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I did what @Myfriendis410 suggested. Use 3% H2O2 just before lights out and spray really good especially under the leaves. Then follow up 48 hrs later with Captain Jacks bug killer the same way. Then repeat 5 days later H2O2 then 48 later with the Captain Jacks. That did it for me no more mites here.


Another option would be ordering live lady bugs from amazon or wherever… let them do the dirty work. Idk how thrilled you would be with 10,000 lady bugs in your house if it’s an indoor grow :slight_smile:

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@Laurap, just what @Jbum said.

FYI ladybugs indoors will fly to the lights and die within 24 hours

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The spider mite has a very soft shell so I use alcohol and water and spray the plant real good making sure that I get under the leaf’s. The alcohol will kill them on contact and dry’s clean. and if you want you can wash the buds off durning harvest. It works excellent I use it.

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I replaced a cooling fan on a used LED light once and when I opened the case it was packed with dead lady bugs

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What is alcohol to water ratio? I’m about 2 weeks into flower can I still use this.

50/50 -or stronger
The alcohol will evaporate very quickly but as soon as it hits them their dead eggs to

i have seen 70% or higher alcohol and water mixed 50/50 work well … just re-apply every few days with alot of air flow after the spray down and make sure its dry before putting it under direct light again if its indoors … just re-apply until you dont see any more and that seemed to work… honestly there was no effect to the growing buds or the finished buds… just keep that air flow moving so the water in the spray doesnt create a mold problem …

@Sirsmokesalot If I ever got a bad infestation id buy a ton of them screw the other stuff. Wonder what that many lady bugs would look like. I think they’d be everywhereeeee

Hahaha yeah I try to be proactive and never let it get to that point. Easier said than done. Probably sit them outside for a day or two and let the lady bugs do their thing then go on their merry way