Spidermites from Hell!

OK so I seem to have a huge spider mite problem! I’ve dealt with them successfully before but this is different. One day I notice my plants dying and weakening rapidly! I check everything. Ph is perfect 5.8, soil is rich and new, and no evidence of nute problems. Thing is I couldn’t find any insect life either. No webs or anything. Finally I put a leaf under the microscope and freaked out! Dozens and dozens of the tiniest spider mites I’ve ever seen! So out comes the Neem Oil. I spray like HELL for 3 days, and it hasn’t made a dent! Someone HAS to invent a Neem Oil Fogger. It’s impossible to spray the undersides of the leaves well enough. I need ideas fast folks!

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They are nasty…first thing is soap and water in a spray bottle. Just 2ml in a quart of water… Yes its messy. You have to drench the plant. The more you soak it, the better the outcome will be so do it somewhere you can clean up afterwards easily. You will then rinse it with straight water. For solid protection of your girl, You can get avid on amazon…a few drops in water (1ml/16oz.) sprayed on your plant before flower or at flower will kill everything amd protected for 45 to 60 days… Do not use past 10 days after flip. If your in flower, repeat the soap and water treatment with a good straght water rinse again. It takes a few days for the Avid to do the job. There are a few vids on YouTube covering it… I also sprayed the plant with Great White and water phd to 6.5 after the rinse with soap and water before I got the Avid. It helped but the avid knocked em out.
It takes about 45 days for the Avid to clear out of the plant so be sure NOT to use after 10 days post flip.
Check your leaves for small white spots on top also. Clip these off a few every day so as not to add too much stress till you get em all. The pruning will encourage new growth. You can do this during veg and up to 3 weeks into flower.
Hope this helps.


Best advice yet. I’ll try nest time. It was too late. 6 beauties are all dead. :frowning:

Aww man…nothing worse to hear than that. Get a good cleaning done and bbq your soil before using it. Its done wonders for me since I started doing it.
What are you gonna replace em with?

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Yeah. It sucks but what can you do. I also found that using Miracle grow soil was a HUGE mistake. The Ph values vary greatly from bag to bag which makes NO sense at all! I’m not reusing this soil. I’ll make my own!

Stay away from Miracle Grow soils…way too hot for weedies…
Fox Farms brands are a great way to start…no nutes needed for the first 6 weeks…just phd water…
Promix is also great but it needs nutes right from the start.