Spider mites with one week to go to harvest

I just realized I have spider mites on my plants that will be ready to harvest next week. There are outside in a small enclosure covered with white greenhouse plastic. I mixed up some alcohol and water put it in a spray bottle and let them have it. They look like they are only on three or four colas on the two plants. They are red spider mites. I will attach a pic

Any advice on how to proceed is appreciated.

This is what the little bastards look like.

I dont know that alcohol is the right move here but lets see what some others have to say like @Cannabian @Covertgrower

I’ve used rubbing alcohol mixed with water to get rid of them on other plants in the garden with success.

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ahh good deal. I’m new so I would not know. I would however assume that the resins and rubbing alcohol would not mix well but of course once again I am a new grower so no experience to reference from.

I would recommend peroxide instead of alcohol. The trichomes will dissolve in rubbing alcohol. Maybe it evaporates too fast? Just doesn’t seem right to me.


I misted them and it is all dried up now. Wondering what to do. I read you can use a vacuum on them too. Just bummed with them so close to harvest. Should I harvest now?

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Do you have an overall shot off be flower?
Should be about 95% of pistils turned brown.

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Ultimately your decision, I guess I would guesstimate how bad the infestation is, in comparison to how close to the finish is.
I’m seeing at least a couple more weeks, possibly 3. So just consider that when looking and seeing the population.

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You mentioned peroxide. What would be the mix?

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Yes peroxide will kill them all, but some are always missed somewhere.


I believe you can use captain jacks dead bug up til the day of harvest. Id still peroxide wash the buds if I used any kind of pesticide, organic or not.

If they are outside get out the water hose and hose them off first thing in morning or when lights first come on. Let em have it. Then follow up with a simple soap and water mix like Dr Bronners liquid soap. Look up potassium salts of fatty acids and mites. Soft bodied insects get the Potassium salts on them and blow up…die…
Many other things to use like hydrogen peroxide and stuff you can buy to kill them but work with what you have available now and treat them and then order something else if needed.
Don’t use alcohol it will f up the trichomes
Have you noticed any spotting on the leaves? If those red ones are like what I have in my outside garden they are predatory mites (meat eaters) they do look like them but may not be them. Look for leaf damage and webbing.
Is there any?

peroxide for the win! Dont use alchohol! … not a wise choice. Harvest when ready and do a bud wash so you arent smoking insects.


I have them too. Im treating with Captain Jacks Dead Bug.

Yes, there were webs and leaf damage yesterday. I blasted the plants with the hose this morning. Yes there is some leaf damage so it appear they are red spider mites. I am going to try the Dr. Bronners liquid soap route.

Thanks for the feedback

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If you use that do you have to wash off the buds? My wife has some of that for her vegetables.

I would. The process isnt that hard and takes maybe an extra 15 minutes in the scheme of things. Its a good practice even if not spraying


Azamax and a fogger, along with Neem oil mixed into your next watering says my buddy who grows in Colorado. Google for exact method. Tried to get him to respond all week for my emergency and he gets back to me today for someone else’s :man_facepalming:t2::man_shrugging:t2::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: