Spider mites. The bane of my existence!

Yeah I don’t grow my own herbs and veggies yet, so I’d be going to the super market.

Thank you again @Ning

You are very welcome. I’d appreciate if you could report back how it works. Happy growing!

Of course! I have controlled them for the moment. But I’ve written your recipe down so when they come back I can try it then because let’s be real they will some way or another.

@SativaMaker - I wonder if @Ning home made bug recipe would work?

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Hi I have some springtails in my grow room (i can’t see them in tent but they are very small so possibly i just can’t notice them) I wonder how much you make for how many plants/area and I also wnted to know is it safe to spray my plants, will it end up as burned leaves?

I@SativaMaker, it rough estimate. I never measure it, haha. The same way I cook as well. It drives my kids crazy when they asked me for recipe and want to k ow finite amount of ingredients and how long. Etc. Normally, for, say a quart of water, I’ll use 4-5 fat cloves of garlic and depends on how hot your chili pepper is, I’ll use 3–5 hot Thai peppers which are quite small. I’d use 2 habenaro peppers or one fat jalapeño. It’s the capsaicin from pepper that kills bugs on contact. I have no idea what springtails is but I had killed aphids, mites, small caterpillars with it. The garlic deter the bugs from touching the plants and detergent makes it stuck to the plants a little longer. You have to use it every other day if you want to really get rid of it. When the survived bugs can’t eat the plants because they hate garlic, I suppose you grow indoor, they’ll have nothing to eat and hopefully starve to death. However, just a precaution for next generation if they leave some eggs around, spray it the whole season throughout the life of he plants. I grow outdoor so it’s my gardening regimen I’d done for tomatoes, beans and other veggies all the time.

Oh and they are safe. Won’t burn any leaves but will burn your tender skin. Wear gloves and stay upwind when you spray. When you catch the whiff, you might cough and feel stung in your eyes.

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Thanks for the info @Zippo1. And welcome to our great community. Peace. :v:

Nasty little buggers. Only takes one female spider mite and you have a colony because, like bees, the females mate only once for a lifetime. I read that theY HATE sesame oil. So spray preventively. A few drops in water spray bottle. It really works.