Spider mites? Something else?

I have three AF outdoors, only a week old. This is a pic of the Northern lights.

Northern Lights AF
Temps/humidity - all over the map 65-85, humidity 50-85%
AN grow/micro/bloom
Washington DC (a swamp)

Used Nukem twice and neem a few days ago.

“If you can grow a tomato, you can grow weed”. Well. In three years I’ve never been able to grow a tomato. I have ALL the things here in terms of molds, pests and assorted diseases. not sure what I was thinking. Any idea what this might be? I don’t see any webbing underneath. Contrast on the pic was upped to show it better. Not easy to get a clear shot.

U might need Nitrogen and check the ph on the water you are giving it


Been watering at PH 6.0 with AN nutes every other watering.

soil does not look “normal”…leaves are showing a nute deficit

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one of them looks like it had spider mites. nuked them last night… will see what happens.

it’s coco with perlite. i added a little more coco to the top because the stems were getting stretchy and didn’t want them to break in the breeze. they’ll get another AN feeding today or tomorrow.

Too many nutes. Plants doesn’t require any feed until the round cotyledon leaves shrivel and turn brown and fall off.


looks like spider mites. Try spraying with Azamax (i believe that was the name). It really helps

thanks. i forgot i’d posted this thread a while ago, just posted new pics in another. that’s been the leading theory but the underside of the leaves look relatively clear. they’re also more splotches than they are white dots.

I’ve lost many other plants to spider mites and it seems like once the infestation is this pronounced, the plant is dead within days. we’re on week 5 of this. and the other two plants are now mostly clear.