Spider mites, russet mites

When your plants leaves curl like a canoe curling under, could be he could be over water I made a mistake one time. It was russet mites!! Little bastards!!! Only thing I found to kill them. Green cleaner. Don’t get me wrong they’re hard to kill. You have to keep on them I spray my plants now once a week no matter what them little bastards hang in there they’re in the stems.

Who has spider mites russet mites any kind of mites on them plants??? I’ve already been through it took out one crop. :triumph::triumph: But my crops awesome now. :sunglasses::v:

Once every 1-2 weeks…“8” bug spray on the outdoor plants. In the past bugs can wipe out a plant in 24-48 hours…sticky traps, always good.

When I found out what’s going on it was too late, wiped out a whole crop. Like I say I use Green cleaner now I don’t have problems.

Captain kacks dead bug can be used all the way up til harvest and supposed to work super well.

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