Spider Mites or Calcium deficiency or both help



1st pic looks like their is a tiny bug on it 2nd shows Golding on leave sidings and 3rd shows the Golding in leave… Thought maybe was a mistake we made but it seems to get a little worse each day please help


@Anne36 ,

Use this on your Spiter Mites works great
Tabacco Juice recipe
Take 3 strong ciggeretes soak them over night in water
Boil it for 2 to 3 miniutes, let it cool off and spray the plants 3 to 4 times a week. You can add safer soap if you like to the mixture.
(make absolutly sure you use gloves/face protection while handling and spraying)
Neem oil works very well too!!
Make sure you get under the leaves real god

B Safe.


@garrigan62 like cigarettes you smoke lmao… Really just 3 butts and some soap? I used the neem oil last night right before lights out but I’m still seeing some like white almost linty looking stuff on the leaves… I don’t think I can see the bug with my naked eye but I haven’t looked thru magnifier so I just am not positive at this point


Could this be a spider mite… If you look right above the point it looks white almost


If you are worried treat them for mites.
I have picked a habit of spraying each pot change and once in the 2 weeks when they are changed to 12 hour light.
I use neem oil cold pressed if you can find it.
1 mil per liter of warm water with alittle plain dish soap shake like crazy before use and not while the lights are on.
It doesn’t hurt the plants and its kind of a nutrient (So I have been Told) and the plants alwaysseem look nice and green afterwards.
I have used this on my veggies for years with out fail.


@Iva thanks… I have a ready to use neem oil I sprayed a light spray last night… Tonight I’m gonna use a soap, water, and small amount of neem oil and then 2 days after I’m gonna try the tobacco juice that @garrigan62 recommend My plants are only 15 days so so I’m hoping that’s not to much


Use the neem oil then use again a week or so later to get any eggs that hatched in that time.
The lower the temp in the grow area the slower they will multiply.
Dont use the premixed stuff it doesn’t work as well and its over priced.


You really need a magnifier to see them .
Or look for webs.
I have no idea on how many plants you have. I just buy a pack of cigarettes and the HOTTEST HOT POWDER and boil them together I don’t use soap.
Ifits spider mites this will kill them real quick.



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To help see the spider mites webbing, I give my plants a fine misting of water all over. Usually helps me to see webs that otherwise I would possibly have been missing.


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I personally wouldn’t want to add food coloring to my plant. Wouldn’t the plant possibly absorb some of the food coloring & turn a different color? Maybe even making it difficult to get a true picture of the leaves overall healthy color?


A lot of excellent into. here. Either way, we got you covered Anne

B Safe



You guys are absolutely the best… I am reading each and every one of your responses and taking it all in… Boy I hope the next time is a lil easier… I mean shit this stuff grows outside with no help from anyone lol it shouldn’t be so hard indoors lol… I did the neem oil last night today will be a watch and see kinda day… But my new leaves have shown no sign of goldish spots so I’m hoping it was just that dirty water episode as far as the discolor img is concerned… Again thank you ALL of you :+1:t3:


I struggled with the same thought! This stuff can grow wild, why does it seem like such a struggle?

My answer was found in a rose. We are cultivating this plant to get the most out of it. Compare a wild rose with a cultivated one. Both can survive, but you’re probably only going to be willing to spend money on the cultivated rose. It tends to make things easier for me to deal with when I remember this fact.

You’re doing fine. Try not to over think it, but it IS very stressful at times, but only because we are looking for so much out of this plant.


I’m happy to say no spider mites and she is looking a-ok… Pinched her for the first time this morning and my god she already sprouted out… I am loving this learning experience :heart_eyes:


Anne check these 3 things , "Cause i don’t see any mite’s check under leaves " first off whats your ph run off?? are you over watering ?? leaves are drooping " and last give them a dose of Cal-Mag no bugs so quit spraying things you don’t need too. ;>] Hammer let me know if this helps .


@Hammer I have stopped spraying lol good thing was I only used water, 2 teaspoons of soap, and 2 teaspoons of ready to use neem oil in a spray bottle… I didn’t over due it either cause I wasn’t positive… My ph run off was a bit low 5.8 so I made some adjustments and hopefully that will fix things…I don’t think I’m overwatering now I did however have one over water since started but she bounced right back… and I definitely will give her some cal-mag thanks a bunch


5.8 is a little low for soil …have similar issues with my mothers borderliner extrm ,super silver haze and rainbow kush . planted them in a soil made by miracle grow ,moister control and auto fertilizer 6 months lol . It was handy bad choice …watering with phed at 6.7 and found my run off was 4.8 …way low so i raised the ph to 8.0 and used till the run off started coming down . normally i use pro mix ,but didn’t want to drive 2 hrs lol hope this helps …Ps welcome to ILGM forum … and let me know how it goes .:grin: Hammer