Spider mites near harvest

I have spider mites and im really close to harvest ive tried the alcohol and water but its not working does anyone have any suggestions.

You could try food grade de

I’ve used nukem or greenkleen applied with a paint sprayer for best coverage helped alot



Food grade DE worked for my autos early this summer when mites came around. i started using it every few days for my outdoor girls

Thanks i have some de i didn’t want to sprinkle any on because I only have about a week left and didn’t know how I would get it off if I put it on them without washing it off

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Read this article which ought to help some. You can mechanically dislodge them with a hose and water. I use Peroxide and water when in flower to avoid any contamination of the buds with insecticides.

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I use cold pressed organic NEEM oil and Black soap - OLIVE based. No other, it must be olive based. Depending where you live, if you can find it
Pulverised on the leaves, very diluted…in the evening.

It works really well and is organic, but I couldn’t tell you if the smell or taste would linger after a week, bugs are more sensitive, so maybe not…

Good luck :wink: