Spider mites...my battle plan

Don’t forget to spray down around the plants too for any “jumpers”
I spray down the entire area the plants are in…totes, walls, floors, myself, everything…just in case any fall off while I’m moving the plants around…this war has gone on long enough…lol
Glad its working…good work.

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Lol I did all that just from doing it.
Used an extra saucer as a shield when spraying the undersides…all around the rim of pots so that it flowed down into the saucers…all highways they use to climb up from soil (stem branches and tie downs) and sprayed top of mulch and then top of plants dripping wet.
I sprayed most of them in place before moving them. Floor was wet walls were wet my legs and bare feet were wet lol


@Skydiver wow! 20 plants! You must be growing for the whole town! Do you see any bugs on the one near harvest? It’s just my guess that the trichomes would fend off anything for the plants. Since my gold leaf is revenging, I’m not sure but I see her cleaner than other plants in veg state I got.

Of all the billions of them I slaughtered over the decades, I’d never got a lupe to get a close up look. What’s that white glob that looks like … I’d better not say it? Was it a single mite corpse with close-up?

There are 2 rounds in there now.
9 in one group that will move into flower tent in about 5-6 weeks or so and then I took extra clones (12 total) from the girls in flower tent now awhile back just in case some didn’t make it and have given 3 of those away and they all survived plus the one Auto.

Yep bottom of leaf I removed had some white dots to the eye then used Carson 100-250x scope with a mount for my old iPhone to snap pics.
Mite carcass for sure all shriveled up looked at several of the white dots from several other leaves and they all look similar under the scope.

Pretty cool to see the aftermath up close


Thanks. I gotta get me one! Mind show me what the scope looks like? The hand-held lens I got only got 30x and it’s really hard to see holding up to the plant. Just my breath push them out of focus before I got a good look. So I haven’t been able to tell if I have any trichomes on my early flower GL. Bought 2-3 lenses already and just about to toss them away.

Do you have grow journal? I have a lot to learn.

Here are the scopes / magnifiers I use Currently

Originally bought the Carson but there are 2 models one from like 60x-120x? And others use them here but I got the 100x-250x but found it wouldn’t work for me looking at trichs on buds but works great for looking at critters growing in teas (with the slide) and objects more flat like the leaf.
Wasn’t too expensive I think maybe $20
I bough the jewelers loop which is 30x big lens and 60x little lens ($12) and has a built in led light to help illuminate things.
Seems to work fine for my eyes. Use the 30x for easier look for general ripening and use the 60x for final decision on if they are ready.
Trick I find helpful is when using it to grab a fan leaf on the cola bud that you want to check to stabilize it and then close in with loop to see. Proper lighting is pretty important too. White light daylight type is best for me anyway

My first grow from December

My current grows…

Another of my threads I started there are many more just use the search feature using the @Skydiver in one of the parameters to pull up other posts. Same as with anyone that you find here growing similar to what you want to do.

These may give you some insight to my last 7 months experience in figuring some of this stuff out growing indoors particular to cannabis to get the best bang for the buck and time invested.

Wish I could grow outside … let alone inside wink :wink:


Edit to above
Use the 30x for quick looks etc for how close and 60x for fine details just harder to view


This was the last one that I did finally notice them just 2 days ago and the others have been infected for about a week maybe. My understanding is they will infest buds and spin webs and all when it’s almost too late to battle them successfully by that time. Maybe it was where the Jack was in the tent related to the others and I try not to have them touching each other for as long as possible
The only one I have yet to see any one is the one grown in worm poo but that could change

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A while ago someone here mention not to get this one - https://www.amazon.com/Carson-MicroBrite-60x-120x-Microscope-MM-300/dp/B00LAX52IQ/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_1?keywords=carson+100-250x+micro&qid=1563133293&s=gateway&sr=8-1-fkmr1
which is similar to yours. But I guess your is much better since the reviews seem to be much better.

I got this one. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Portable-30x36mm-Jeweler-Loupes-Magnifier-Tool-Glass-Loop-Pocket-Microscope-LB/273846533058?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
It works ok but I can’t focus long enough to get a good look of the trichomes. So I’m thinking to get a better one for harvesting time.

I’m not handy with lights, and such so indoor growing seems too complicated. Plus I have to set it up in the garage which will get cooked pretty bad in the summer here when temp can get to 110. Last year I got one day that was 118F and it fried all the limes and lemons on the trees in the entire neighborhood. So it’s outdoor for me as I’ve grown veggies organically all these years. The soil hopefully neutralized enough. I add soil acidifier in it and the plants seem to be ok with it. I still haven’t figured out what’s the right mix. I got 6, WW, and GL that are from 18" to 9’, lol!

This one is GL early flower that reveged . I tried to check the trichomes on buds that won’t reveg to see if I should take them off.

The one footer. WWW fem got root rot, bud rot you name it. I had to cut her cola off and almost pulled her out. But she’s hanging on so I let her grow.

And my 9 footer GL I just beefed up the support before I had to leave home for a few weeks.

When I get back, I am going to trim her but not sure how to go about yet. She already lost 4-5 big branches at the bottom before I realized I had a mutant at hand. Kind of dread harvesting her because the crown is about 2” diameter already. She’s a tree!

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“Spider mites hate this secret trick…”

Good stuff! :+1:


Oh, initially, I thought yours was this one - https://www.amazon.com/Plugable-Microscope-Flexible-Observation-Magnification/dp/B00XNYXQHE/ref=sr_1_fkmr2_2?keywords=carson+100-250x+micro&qid=1563133293&s=gateway&sr=8-2-fkmr2

As far as I am concerned neither Carson model will work easily for viewing Trichomes. Mine is better in the sense of its magnification range but for looking at buds isn’t any easier than the other one.

The one I use for trichs is this

Look up what @garrigan62 posts.
He has made his own super soil for some time and has some great stuff to read.

Here is also a thread to look through…

Would rather grow outside as well.
Google outside grows and thinning some good vids out there on you tube. Basically removing from the inside up through for good air flow is what I’ve seen there.

Great looking plants.
I think the buds on the reveg would need to be removed as I don’t think that will revert…just the new growth and all.

With your years of gardening this should be a relatively quick trip to get up to speed on things.

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Got it! I didn’t spray the early flower plants. I think some of them spun the web around the buds and cause it to rot on my little WW. The mold was so bad, I doused her with peroxide and I didn’t smell anything from the remaining buds or plant for two days. Just when I went out to pull her, she sprouted new leaves.

When I first planted it, I had no idea how photosensitive they are so I transplanted 2 GL and one WW outdoor in early Feb. They started flowering in early Apr and by late May, the GL got loaded with buds. Although it’s revegging now, the buds are tight and has strong scent. The whole plants are sticky with trichomes.

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@Ning hi mate, i laughed at the phrase chilli wimps,lol…i love my habenero’s they are a good lip burner eaten raw but that’s it, no dramatics.that scale is nice have seen a few saying habenero approx 80 000-150-000 lol the jalepeo’s green are not hot for me but a good squirt of siracha helps a little,an love a good chilli yarn, here is a few i got last spring, :slight_smile: rock on chilli lovers :slight_smile: ps. i read that chillies are not hot and it is all in your head,lol

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@aussie123556, I’m afraid I reverted to a chili wimp myself after all these years living away from the tropics. I can’t eat habanero, to be honest. You build tolerance to capsaicin, your brain learns to ignore it given time. On the opposite, your receptors come back to life again after you stop nuking it for a while. That’s what happened to me. So it’s doable if you keep building up to the point you can chomp on those Bhut Jolokia. But these days, I’d grow them for the bugs, lol! My seedlings got fried when I got spike in temp after planting. When I get back home next month, I’ll have to start germinating again.

Well the little white mites are still active.
Another prong in the attack tonight was using Azamax 15 ml per quart and foliar sprayed starting as always from underneath the leaves using a saucer “frisbee” as a block to keep the lights dry. Then sprayed all around the top edge and sides of pot and then from the top. Made sure I coated the top soil too.
This isn’t a contact kill like Ning-Iciide but inhibits molting and the reproductive cycle.
Will see tomorrow how many are walking the tie downs and stems.
Next hit will be another round of
Ning The Merciless icide hot dam sauce! I put that Sht on everything

We shall see how well the Azamax slows/stops breeding the mites.

Winnie the Poo had some mites and treated her too.

Then I’ll follow up with another round of captain jacks Spinosad

Starting to feel like I’m on this merry go round and can’t get off. Oh well
I’ll get you my pretties

Oh yea didn’t spray but the bottom of Jack as there was no movement on the roads to her.

To be continued…


Mite update

After spraying the ladies (wet leaf contest!) last night with Azamax before lights out and inspecting the highways this morning the roads are mostly clear with only 2-3 that I observed looking at several plants over 5 minutes as compared to most mornings where the traffic is much heavier.
Seems like Azamax is doing its job!

I decided last night I was going to test out using a solution of dawn dish soap and water today to see if that too is a dead stop (kill on contact) solution for immediate kills like the Ning-Icide is but I sadly don’t have enough volunteers to try it out. Maybe later tonight or tomorrow they will hatch more test dummies I don’t know.
This would be more of a I want to know thing rather than a solution moving forward cause dawn has some nasty stuff in its ingredients just wondered if it would kill them like it does fleas on dogs…contact kill.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it …
as of now anyway subject to change.


Quick update…roads are starting to get congested may get to try the dawn experiment yet today…

@Ning ahh so true, i notice that to with a tolerance.lol i cannot seem to get my chillies as big as the supermarkets but i get alot of them, i usually pick a few weeks after they go red,sometimes orange, am still looking at when others pick theirs, :slight_smile: