Spider mites last week of flowering

What to do when you have spider mites at end of flowering


Well, ya got some nice chunky buds looks like! You can just wash them sorta like veggies.


Yeah, i see no webs so you got mites but not an infestation. Bud wash, lemon juice, peroxide, clean water rinse. Should be good.

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Torch your house.


:joy::rofl::joy: that might be a little expensive.

Once you cut the plants ahhh

  1. Get rid of the soil and sterilize everything they grew in.

  2. Order some Mytol and spray the room every three days in all cracks and corners BEFORE u set off permethrin based bug bombs.

  3. Figure out how you got them if possible.

  4. Bomb the room again.

  5. When drying your buds the spider mites on them will crawl off and leave. Make damn sure they don’t crawl toward other plants. My advice would be to drown your buds and the spiders in a 5 gallon bucket with 4 gallons water and 2 cups hydrogen peroxide then rinse.

Good luck!

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And, call an exorcist.


sounds like maybe a moat is in order after that!! Is there a good way to deter them from the outset?

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Just do a good 3 part wash leave set til bubbles stop coming out of the buds first bucket 5 gallons water quarter cup baking soda quarter cup lemon juice second bucket 5 gallons water and 2 bottles of 3% peroxide last have tub filled with warm water and drop them in plain water to fully rinse them leave to hang dry. I’d take every step u can on cleaning and sanitizing and whatever it takes to make sure u have all them out of the grow area tho also before u plant anything else. Fill in low spots outside with the old dirt lol don’t reuse it so u don’t bring bugs into new grow. The 3 part wash will kill anything on or in the buds and wash them clean for an u. Good luck. Oh Incase I in havnt said. Use warm water for the wash as cold will knock off tricomes u wanna keep. Good luck bugs suck to be have around I hate them

Sure it is, I use a brand called Arber it’s a Bio Insecticide

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I’ve been struggling with those things on my indoor grow for the last few months. Captain Jacks Dead Bug helps to keep under control (not eliminate) then I do 3 stage bud wash as described above. I had quite a lot of plants to rotate, but now I’m almost done and will be moving outside grow once the last batch is done flowering. Then wash out tents and leave idle for a few months.

In hindsight I am almost certain I introduced the mites by accident when I tried to overwinter some small fig tree cuttings. I won’t make that mistake again.