Spider mites in mid flowering stage

Hey guys im in mid flowering stage and i sew spider mites on my leafs what can i do for spider mites without hurting the buds ? Please help thank you :heart::heart:

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Captain jacks dead bug (Spinosad insecticide) should be safe in flower.

Consider doing a bud wash when you harvest


I would look into cold pressed neem and making your own Neem oil insecticide, it’s also organic! There’s Neem oil insecticide recipes for using it on marijuana, just make sure you find and follow the recipe!

Google “neem oil safe for marijuana plants” and you’ll get plenty of articles to read through! Make sure you do read through some of them for the insecticide recipes. Too much Neem oil mixed into the insecticide will/can cause negative effects.

I use the Neem Oil insecticide on my citrus plants and am super excited to find out it can be used for Marijuana! :sweat_smile::grin:

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Neem oil don’t affect my buds or he slow down the growth of buds ?

I have had to use Captain jacks dead bug a few times. It is said to be safe on flowering plants. I used it on my flowering girls and had no issues. Once your tent is empty. Makes sure to wipe it down with Alcohol. It kills bugs and eggs. :slightly_smiling_face: I have never used neem oil my self. So I can’t comment on that :slightly_smiling_face:

@Malikss I am new to growing myself but I just read not to use it in the flowering stage! It’ll alter the taste and smell of your harvest.

So, neem oil would not be an option while your plants are flowering. In other stages, I believe it would be good to use. Sorry, should have looked into it more! :expressionless:


Neem oil will leave your buds smelling foul and the smoke will be harsh… I haven’t used captian jacks but other members have used with good results… good luck