Spider mites in flower

Have an early spider mite problem. Week four of flower. Found a few spider mites on four different plants. Put all plants outside in 40-50 degree weather. Am going to bomb with pyrethrin foggers.Do I need to bomb numerous times. Am going to clean grow room top to bottom after bombing.i have clones in another room, should I leave them in the bomb area. The infested plants outside I was going to harvest but what about the spider mites in them won’t they reinfest my house . What should I do with them . Please help

If you do that you may as well throw your plants away: it will taint the flower with the smell of chrysanthemum (not good).


This is a much better choice. It’s Spinosad, a bacterium that is benign to humans and lethal to insects. Plan to perform a bud wash in peroxide regardless as you don’t want to smoke dead mite carcasses.


So spray my whole plant with this buds and all and bring my plants back inside and keep growing

Follow the directions on the package. I add a couple of steps too:

Mix a mild peroxide and distilled water solution (1/4 cup of 3% in a quart of water) and spray down plant an hour before lights out or dusk. Really douche the plant down and pay particular attention to undersides of leaves. Wait 12 hours and spray C. J.'s all over and allow to stay on plant for 5 days. Then repeat with peroxide and Spinosad to kill emergent larva.

You will never eliminate the problem but you can control it. You can use the Spinosad and peroxide right up to the day of harvest if you want.

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What is control ,When I put my clones in the grow room I will still have spider mites in that room correctDo I try to bomb the entire house after I harvest .I have read in other ilgm posts to never spray anything on the buds

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I appreciate the help Myfriendis410 but don’t I need to clean my grow room and my house at some point

It wont hurt the buds. I just went thru this and they are doing great. It will slightly brown the tips of the pistils, but it doesnt effect anything. @Myfriendis410 i would also like to know about bombing the grow room.

I’ve seen sulfur burners for mildew and until we had BtK and Spinosad we were forced to use harsh alternatives.

You can use the peroxide and water to disinfect floors and walls.

I personally prefer to avoid putting anything on the plant unless the health is at stake.

To clarify, i was innreference to the captain jacks spray

I don’t think I’d want to smoke it anyway. Just seems like a really bad idea.

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Friend of mine has been growing for 30 years uses Pyrethrum fogger after every grow.But he has lost entire crops to mites so he takes no chances.I will get C J tonight give it a try ,my plants have been outside for three days now 30 degrees today we will see. THANK YOU VERY MUCH maybe I can save my plants with your help