I have what I think is the start of a spider mite infestation!

I put my phone in the dirt to measure DLI and when I picked it up, there were a ton of tiny spider, tick, crab… looking bugs. They are creamish in color and the size of a fine ball point pen dot on paper or even smaller.

I looked for webs but did not see any. I think they are in the dirt.

Now I am itching all over! Lol.

This is best pic I can get… sorry.

What do I do?

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Hard to tell from that picture, could easily be young aphids too. Spinosad will be your friend here, captain jacks is popular brand. Your local garden center will likely have it or something like it.


Doesn’t look like a spider mite
Looks like an aphid
Thrips also live in soil
Try to get a better pic


It’s the best pic I know how to take with my phone… they are so small… there has to be a setting.

They appear to be in the dirt. I’m not saying there are non on the plants as they are so small and all but clear.

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Here are a few things I have found on the forum or have personally tried.

Neem oil (make sure to dilute as needed). I found the diluted spray at HD. Stuff stinks.

50:50 water/isopropyl spray

Captain Jack’s dead bug.

I used 20 shakes of essential oil with a squirt of Dr Bonner’s Castile soap diluted with water in a quart spray bottle. I rotated to a different oil every three days and drenched the plant at lights out (make sure to get the undersides). Oils I used were rosemary, pine, tea tree and mint. Had my infestation cleared up in two weeks. I also sprayed the soil the pots and the tent walls.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Tea made from garlic and hot peppers used as a spray.

I know there were some other products suggested to me but I’ll have to go through my grow journal to find them. I’ll tag a few growers in the meantime that may have other suggestions.


If aphids, mosquitos bits soaked in water 24 hours, strain and feed to kill the larvae in the soil. Yellow sticky traps for the adults. Continue to feed bit water every few days.


Thrips seem to have an elongated body. These are rounder. But it could be an aphid…

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I have DE for my pool. Do I just sprinkled over the dirt? On the plant too? How much?

Sorry… in attack mode.

You can sprinkle DE on the soil. It will basically cut up any insects that walk through it and they’ll die off. Keep in mind you do NOT want to inhale any of the fine powder and that it will become ineffective once you water and get it wet.

Mosquito bits sprinkled on the soil is great, and watering will spread it in the soil which is perfect.

Captain Jacks Dead bug if you need to spray the plants themselves.

Also, add some yellow sticky traps. They’ll help you see what’s going on in addition to catching some. :+1:


I will DE them now. I’ll buy the Capt. Jack’s as well too, just in case.


This is what I could get…
I already have the DE.

Should I use the DE & the Mosquito Bits and the DE together? I Don’t think I should have to water for at least a week so the DE will do its thing and the Bits will work after watering(?).

Do I only use the Capt. Jack’s if there are bugs on the plants? But again… they are so small and light cream colored that I don’t think I could see them if they were. Should I use it just to be sure?


If it were me and a week away from watering I would put down the DE and mosquito bits on the soil now. The DE will kill the walking critters and the bits will start working when you water.

Never used dead bug so can’t provide any advice on its use.


I don’t think Spider Mites are in the soil - just the plants. The webbing is where they lay eggs and train their young to wreak havoc on the rest of your plants.
I started my battle last night with Safers Insecticidal Soap. i didn’t see and activity this morning but will definitely be following up tonight and tomorrow for good measure and continue to monitor.

i didn’t see it mentioned but any foliar sprays should be done just before lights out to prevent leaf burning. And I left my fans running but not directly at the plants, just to keep the air moving and the Safers drying. 6 hours af darkness isn’t a lot of darkness so I wanted to be sure. I leave the fans on all night anyway, but i did adjust so the breeze was liter on the plants.

I see @JaneQP has tagged in some pros. They’ll get you in shape and I’ll be lurking around picking up tips myself!!

Good luck with your killing!! LOL!!

Happy Growing Everyone!!

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Thank u!

This what I have for DE

I’ve been using Dr Zymes for aphids and preventative measures and have been having good luck with it.

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I applied the DE and the Mosquito Bits. Wasn’t real sure how much to use of each.

There is probably 3-4 tablespoons of the Mosquito Bits in each 5 gallon bucket…

For the DE I turned the fan & AC off and used the powdered sugar method with this thing. Filled it with DE and tapped it with a spoon.

Anyway, I hope I didn’t over do it.

Any and all feedback will be appreciated.

*** the support from this group is top notch. Thank you all.


I use Permethrin SFR. Kills all insects, is organic , doesn’t affect plants.

These things are FOR SURE in the dirt. I did not see one on my plants, but again, they are so small.

I am not exaggerating, one of the could sit on the tip of a needle.

I am tempted to get this and spray the floor, walls and ceiling.