Spider mites I think

Got a spider mite problem. I’m assuming spider mites from the tiny silk webbing, the silver-ish looking on tops of the leaves , tiny tiny bugs on the underside. I’ve bought Capt Jack’s Deadbug and the main reason I did is it says you can use right up to harvest. I got it in powder form because the store didnt have the spray. Do I need to literally dowse the plants in this stuff? It’s for an indoor closet grow , and I dont really want to have it all over the floors and walls lol. Any suggestions and tips greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking, Happy Farming!

Never used it in powder form: do you mix with water? If so I’d strongly recommend distilled to avoid killing the Spinosad with chlorine from tap water.

Heavily affected leaves should be removed. Don’t strip the plant rather be strategic. Discard away from rest of plants. Spray entire plant down with a 50/50 mix of distilled water and 3% peroxide. Really wet it down, top and bottom and get the outside of pot and soil top layer. If indoors, spray entire tent with same. Wait 24 hours then use the Captain Jack’s. Including interior of tent. Wait 5 days, repeat all steps. Plan to do this all the way to harvest.

I use the liquid concentrate and like it but I do feel better washing my harvest. It gets so much gunk anyway that once you’ve done it you’ll never NOT wash your flower.

One indoor plant.


No! Lol the directions say powder the leaves and stuff. So I’m thinking like a fine layer of dust? Like , a tabletop after a week of not being cleaned. I dont have access to distilled water , but I always have 3 gallons of water from tap being aerated 36hr minimum to help with dechlorination. I’ve seen that Jorge video and damn , nasty stuff! Lol. I will def spray them down as you said , and then tomorrow night I’ll I guess powder that baby up. Thanks!