Spider mites dead, when is it safe to bring back inside?

just had a spider mite infestation on my goldleaf clones. still in veg, so i quarantined them outside and treated with Avid 0.15 2% Abamectin for a week, and i just pulled a few leaves and put them under the scope, ZERO MOVEMENT. looks like a mite graveyard. Question: how long before itś deemed safe to return the girls home to the tent to finish out their grow? what is the incubation rate of these things? weather is still nice for now, and i have treated the tent and the soil in the pots as well.
thanks for any input!

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The problem with mites is that you never get them all and ir only takes one and you are right back where you started. Id put them back in and continue to treat them. There are also preventative terpene sprays that seem to work alright.

i also have 4 beautiful purple punch in the other half of the tent which have not been infested, i will be flipping them to flower soon if the goldleaf girls catch up a little and bulk up. if this will be an ongoing treatment, do you have any suggestions for a safe control spray through flower right to harvest that wont ruin the flowers?

Mites die easy, its just impossible to get them all. If you had them, they are in your house. In walls cracks, and crevices, and eventually try to get back in tent, and also attack other house plants. Safer Soap works as does capt. Jacks dead bug spray. Alot of the time you can find these at lowes, home depot, rural king, and maybe even walmart. If not theres always amazon. Whether you use till harvest or not i would recomend doing a bud wash anyway. It will probably turn your water colors with dead mites.

thanks for the help Medicineman33! I just got some Captain Jackś Deadbug on the way from uncle Jeffś wonder emporium, and will incorporate into my weeky schedule till all the girls finish up safe and bug free!

I would look into Growers Ally Crop Defender 3. I’ve been using Growers Ally products for all my grows and works. Two mix ratios and can be used all the way to day of harvest. With the Crop Defender 3, it’s a miticide, insecticide and a fungicide all in one bottle. Have a blue dream in a 15 gallon pot in full sun during the day and don’t cover and havent seen any pests. Been spraying once a week if not twice.

They’re faking. Spider mites are like terminators. You can’t kill them.

No problem man