Spider mites at near harvest

Help! My two plants went outside to enjoy some warm sunshine and returned with spider mites big time. I took a close up picture of the tempers and got a glimpse of these bugs. I’m spraying with hydrogen peroxide mixed with water daily. Will it effect my buds? Just waiting for terpines to tip brown so I can harvest. Should I harvest now? Are they ruined? Help.

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@Myfriendis410 could help you with this. He has had to deal with it before

Peroxide will make your leaves papery and burned along the edge, but better than a mite infestation. I see lots of white pistils yet so you have some time.


This is a good product that you can spray up until the day of harvest. I will suggest you do a peroxide bud wash at harvest. Don’t forget to spray down top layer of soil and the fabric pot if it’s in one.

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Thanks for product suggestion. I’m going to spray the pot and dirt now. Started using need oil spray too.

If you sprayed this on your plants they are likely ruined. You cannot get Neem oil out of the plant material. It is only used in veg.

Home remedy , boiled chili dried garlic and alil of dawn , strain mix put in atomizer drench the plant especially under the leaves since that where they live

Why are you bringing the plants in from outdoors?
I would not do that, you are asking for trouble and getting it. Spidermites are not as much of an issue to outdoor plants becauae of competition in nature. My plants get the odd bug here and there, wasp eat them, other insects eat each other. Because there is so much for bugs to choose from, seldom do they focus entirely on 1 plant species.