Spider Mite while flowering help!

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First grow and in flowering.
Strain: seeds were given to me and was told “cookies” lol
Nutes right now: cal mag and big bloom with water ph’d to 6.3 for watering.
Soil: coco coir perlite mix

This thing has been a champ all grow just doing amazing no matter the lst and knuckle. Made the rookie mistake of letting my smaller flowering plant get some sun. Next thing i know I get signs of spider mites now that’s its flowering. They haven’t been around long but long enough to do some damage. I treat with bonide spinosad soap and have dichotomous earth on the way. Is this saveable. Pistils just started browning end of last week. Any help is much appreciated. Hopes after all this hard work it’s not for nothing.


I started flowering, and im doing everything to prevent any type of bugs. I have companion plants to prevent bugs from going near my plants and lady bugs to eat any pests or eggs on my plants or soil. no problems so far. i also have 2 fans. one blowing on the top of the plant and one to blow underneath the leaves. wind circulation is important to prevent bugs laying their eggs on the leaves and prevent mildew and molds.

I agree! I have a couple top fans and a lower. It appears that I got rid of the mites with treatment. I suspect it was that I was bringing the smaller plant in and out (rookie move). I think I might be nute burning them. I’ve been feeding at 6.3-6.4 and runoff has been 6.7ish at the highest. Watered with plain ph’d water 2 days ago. I think I might need a heavy flush.

I’ve become a huge fan of predator/beneficial insects.
Spider mites can be tenacious, especially in flowering, since you really don’t want to spray buds.

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Took these today. Soil is still moist is it too early to flush?

Took these pics at lights out. Still not looking great. Getting ready to flush when soil dries.