Spider mite predator

I’ve had a spider mite problem which I struggled to control. I tried spinosad, various organic sprays including soap, peppermint oil etc and although they worked the mites always came back. So, as I was so close to harvest I thought “bugger it” and left them to it with the intention of doing a full clear out when things were finished.
I harvested, did a bud wash with hydrogen peroxide and no mites anywhere !!! I still had an oddball auto growing that had the same mite problem but it appears to be clear as well. I was tidying up and spotted these bad boys in my soil.


Apparently they’re predators and feed on mites among other things with no interest in eating my plants. I did have small black flies as well but they’ve all but disappeared. I’m not saying that these centipedes have eaten everything but they’ve certainly culled them. So, my question is this. Do I move these predators into my new grow as they’re definitely insectovores or do I bin them.
Edit— I still live in fear of the mites returning but so far I can find no trace :man_shrugging:


Wouldn’t hurt.


My thoughts as well. There are loads of them so they must have a source of food otherwise they would die off