Spider mite issue

I’m struggling with spider mites. I’ve tried Neem but I think the mites are now immune. Tried mild soap. I’m gaining on them but I thing I’m going to lose my 3 week old seedlings. Thanks for your help.

Hello @Adsydspence

I have not had to deal with spider mites yet but have read about them.
This is from one of the books I read relating to them and possible actions to take to deal with them.

Hope this helps and HAGD

Straight 3% peroxide in a spray bottle; really soak the leaves on both sides. Wait 24 hours and apply Captain Jack’s Dead Bug. This is a bacterium safe around human consumed plants but lethal to pests like mites. It takes 5 days to work. Repeat every week until gone. Examine periodically and reapply as necessary.

You can do this all the way to harvest. A more mature vegging plant can be sprayed with 50/50 Isopropyl alcohol and water.


Thank you. Have a great day

Im assuming i will be getting spider mites soon with the warmer weather. I combat spider mites by covering the top of the soil with a bag and a cloth on top to absorb run off … Then i would fill the sink with bubbles. Grabbing the foam only, i cover the entire plant and let it dissolve for an hour before getting the spray bottle. I then would mist from top to bottom to remove the soap residue… VIP I repeat this 2 more times… every 3rd day… There is a organic product… (dont know the name) you can mix in with the top soil for pests… Its like $10-%15 and it is good for an entire garden and will last a long time when potting plants… You may want to look into somthing like that… . good luck

That’s awesome. Thank you.