Spider mite control

Hi-Thx for all the great info- I solved my spider mite problem once and for all with a product call Flying Skull Nuke Em, a food based insecticide that is non toxic made from yeast and citrus and a Homerite Titainium series paint spayer for applilcation. Comeplete coverage for large plants made easy-spray bottle for young uns. I use Nuke em to control spider mites, powdery mildew and bud rot. It works great and now I have an organic solution that WORKS! The paint sprayer is the best idea ever-sprays a fine mist for absolutely full coverage

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Attention to all ILGM members. This post is under investigation for validity. We do not condone, Or recommend this product. We advise you wait until we research this further.


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Will do, Latewood

Thanks for the heads up


Great to see that this site is monitored for “truth” Thanks !!!

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Regardless of product used to control pest the important thing is coverage & if you have a large crop and want to easily apply whatever the Paint Sprayer is Ideal , worked great for me-that is all