Spider mite control need the geniuses to read this


What do you think about this and co2,cornstarch, UV light. www.science direct.com/science/article/pii/S2405805X1600028

First time Grower- I thought this was gonna be easy

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It didn’t let me pull up the link, do you need some options for spidermite control


The best option I had found a few grows ago was food grade diatomaceous earth, “DE” for short. I purchased a bag of it and a powder applicator, aka Duster. I dusted the leaves with it, making sure to get the bottom sides, plus the stock and the growing medium. Make sure when applying to the grow medium that the topsoil is dry otherwise it tends to clump and loose maximum coverage.
DE also works on aphids and fungas nats.

Forgot to add that when you apply don’t try rubbing it around or wiping it off with your fingers. It will damage the plants skin.
DE works by causing micro abrasions in the bugs exoskeletons when they go across it, causing them to dry out and die.


I could write a memo on spider mites and how to rid them lol


Majitoker I don’t know how to add a link but just type it in that’s how I got it in post should bring you right to it it’s about avid specifically how to enhance the fermentation process to produce more b1a seems like most of these things should be in our grow room anyway we just need the bacteria present I have no experience so input is very appreciated I figured there is 2 ways to kill physically and biological.de is physical and abamectin is biological I went straight to store and bought UV light prevention is everything so I’ve heard


Jtheh ty on heads up not rubbing it around wondering about that probly not good idea to sprinkle behind fan either huh


Yea I can’t view on my phone tells me webpage is not available but I’ll come back with the info to rid them


Get Rid Of Fungus Gnats Quickly: What You Need

Yellow Sticky Cards
A larvae-killing product with bacillus thuringiensis bacteria (I recommend Mosquito Bits or Mosquito Dunks)
A fan to blow air over the top of your soil
(Optional, but recommended) Diatomaceous earth - food grade
1.) Place yellow sticky cards in the grow area - fungus gnats love the color yellow and will fly towards it. These yellow sticky cards (found at most gardening stores) are covered with a glue that will trap adult fungus gnats, bringing down their numbers.

But the most important reason to use yellow sticky cards is to help you keep track of how bad the current fungus gnat infestation is. As the infestation is reduced, there will be less adults caught in the yellow sticky traps. That’s how you know that your approach is working.

Place yellow sticky traps in the cannabis grow roomLook at how many fungus gnats were caught in this sticky trap

Get Yellow Sticky Cards on Amazon

2.) Get a fan blowing air over the top of the growing medium. This helps dry out the top layer of your soil, and also helps prevent the fungus gnats from being able to fly around and lay more eggs.

Blow fan over the top of your growing medium to help combat fungus gnats
Get a Tabletop Fan on Amazon

2b.) (Optional, but recommended) Sprinkle food-grade diatomaceous earth over exposed parts of soil. This will help kill the fungus gnat larvae and will also help prevent infestations in the future. While not completely necessary, adding diatomaceous earthis a great step to take to help get rid of the fungus gnats and their larvae as fast as possible

Diatomaceous earth is an organic insect killer made of fossilized shells. It is sharp on the microscopic level and works by puncturing the exoskeleton of insects (draining them of their body fluids), but poses no harm to humans or pets and can even be eaten.
Sprinkle diatomaceous earth over the top of your growing medium to help control fungus gnats
Get Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth On Amazon

3.) Don’t water your plants for a few days. You want to begin drying out the soil to kill as many larvae as you can before you apply a treatment (which will involve watering). Fungus gnat larvae need a warm, wet environment near the surface of your soil to grow. Even after you’ve gone through all these steps and believe fungus gnats are gone, make sure to avoid overwatering plants, as this is the most common reason growers get fungus gnats in the first place. Don’t do the next step until the top few inches of soil has dried out

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4.) Kill the Larvae in The Soil

(Best Option) Bacillus thuringiensis bacteria - Use a pest treatment with bacillus thuringiensis bacteria (subspecies israelensis is best). After applying your bacillus thuringiensis treatment, water your plants liberally and go to the next step. More information about bacillus thuringiensis below.
I personally recommend using crushed up Mosquito Bits or Mosquito Dunks

Moquito bits kill fungus gnat larvae Mosquito dunks kill fungus gnat larvae

If bacillus thuringiensis products are not available, you may want to kill the larvae with a brute force attack - Water the plant with a mixture of one of the following, making sure to cover the entire surface of the soil (since that’s where the fungus gnat maggots live)
• SM-90 - Use 1 part SM-90 to 5 parts water and water your plants with this mix - brute force attack to kill larvae directly
​ • Can’t find bacillus thuringiensis or SM-90? Use 1 part 3% pure hydrogen peroxide to 4 parts water - another type of brute force attack to kill larvae directly.
Learn about other natural ways to kill Fungus Gnat larvae

5.) Avoid overwatering your cannabis plants from now on. Never water your cannabis plants in soil until the top inch or two of soil has dried out. From now on, you don’t want to ever let the top part of soil stay wet to create a breeding ground for fungus and fungus gnats. How often do I water my cannabis plants?

6.) Keep your sticky yellow cards up until Fungus Gnats are completely gone. These yellow sticky cards will continue killing adult gnats. They’re also helpful because they will alert you to whether fungus gnat numbers are rising or falling. Even after killing all the larvae, it may take a few days to a few weeks before the adult fungus gnats are completely gone and you stop seeing new gnats caught on your sticky cards.

Fungus gnats are tiny, but you’ll see them buzzing around your soil

What is bacillus thuringiensis?

This type of bacteria produces a toxin that hurts the larvae of fungus gnats and prevents them from being able to eat. Bacillus thuringiensis will not affect your plants or roots in any other way. Products that contain this bacteria are sometimes listed as “BT” or “BTi.” It is also safe for fish, pets, humans and pretty much everything besides larvae. It is safe for organic grows, even in the middle of the flowering/budding stage, and won’t hurt other microbes living in the soil.

When using pellet-type formulations of bacillus thuringiensis, you will get better results if you crush it up before sprinkling on soil. Powder and dry formulations of bacillus thuringiensis seem to work better than liquid ones.

Other Ways to Kill Fungus Gnat Larvae

While bacillus thuringiensis is probably the best way to naturally kill fungus gnat larvae, you can use other biological control methods to kill these maggots. The following options will help control fungus gnat infestations but will likely not completely get rid of them unless you stop overwatering your plants.

pathogenic nematodes (Steinernema feltiae)
predatory mites (Hypoaspis miles) (Hypoaspis aculeifer)
predatory rove beetle (Atheta coriaria)
Growing Organic? The “brute force” methods above (SM-90 or Hydrogen Peroxide) will kill the fungus gnat larvae, but will also kill many beneficial microbes in the soil. You can add beneficial microbes back, but it will take a while for them to repopulate your soil. This problem only really affects organic soil growers. If you’re providing nutrients to your plants with bottled nutrients, you’re already providing nutrients in a way that your plants will be able to use even if the microbe populations are down. In any case, if growing organically, an organic version of bacillus thuringiensis (subspecies israelensis) is the best option for getting rid of fungus gnats.

Same concept with spider mites as well


Excellent toker I now from being on here a little you have done some homework you really want to read this it’s like the way you told me to use bacteria for gnats this is for the big war and it works because that’s what avid is but it will be difficult to source try this link I typed it in and it worked no need to capitalize. www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/s2405805x16000028 Or Google interrogation of streptomyces avermitilis for efficient production of avermectins. this stuff avid is so good grow stores are breaking it down to one use vials so Joe schmo can afford it let me know if you still can’t access again thanks for input


Link works now just clicky


I got access that time, it looks pretty effective for cannabis of you do use use little at a time


I don’t just research little bug has me scared but couple fellow growers use avid and say it’s the only thing once they get resistant my thinking was to source the bacteria that way your producing it in plant oils and in soil look at how they where effective at producing elevated levels of b1a and you’ll see a lot of the variables are already trying to be created in our rooms anyway


Yea that’s not a bad idea


It’s forty bucks if you want to read the whole paper but I just want to source the bacteria and know that it’s safe to work with to


My opinion if it supplies what the plant needs vitamins and all, and it was the plants naturally use, give it a try., It Is Safe For Them, Just Use Lighlty And You’ll Only Need To Use It Onece


It’s a bacteria I don’t know yet if it’s just abundant in nature or what as far as I have found out only China produces the avermectin the byproduct I try to search the bacteria and that’s about all I can find maybe an avid rep can help but I’m a nobody wouldn’t think I’d get anywhere


It would be a business opportunity if it works out because avid and the like are so expensive plus the added benefit of just adding to medium and done just some thoughts I mean this stuff is real new and 2015 Nobel prize is nothing to shake a stick at


Maybe if you do try it, use a bagseed to experiment with


Ya just gotta be brave enough to just get mites in a room and leave them alone I wanna kill everyone I see lol