Spider farmer tent

New grower here from australia nsw.
Show us your grows in the spider farmer tent setup.
Got some og kush seeds on their way , juat like to get an idea on how to go about with plants and growing

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Welcome to the forum looks like u have a good set up when u pop ur seeds soak them in water for 12-24hours then get two plastic plates and some paper towel ,then u put the paper towel on the plastic plate and u pour the water and seeds on to the paper towel try not to use to much water u dont want to drown them cover the seeds with the paper towel and cover the paper towel with the second plate and put in a warm dark area it should take about 12-24 hours for the roots to be long enough for planting or u can just plant straight into there forever homes

I’ve found soaking seeds in water with a mix of peroxide for 24 hours and then immediately dropping in ProMix I have 100% germination, with seeds sprouting in 24-48 hours. Basically just pour the seed and water mix in a pot and cover after their soak.