Spider farmer sf4000

Anyone know the size of screws that hold the drivers on to the led board of spider farmer sf4000?
I’ve contacted spider farmer and there no help at all. Some how I’m missing screws from last time I used this light .

Take out the screw you still have and take it to hardware store.


Will they size it? Never been good with guessing screw size or thread pattern

I prefer to mount the driver away from the led board to keep heat away from board. That could be an option if you can’t find the correct screws.

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Looks like a plan old Philips srew driver small one


Do this :arrow_up:

They have boards that have varying thread patterns and shaft sizes and you match up what you brought in until you get a winner.

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They only come with 2 screws caddy corner I believe

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I would take one out run hardware store and get same screws that you need

Spider farmer finally got back to me .

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