Spider Farmer SF2000 and seedlings

This is probably a duplicate question and I apologize. So, we’re on our second grow. However during the first we upgraded lighting from stupid Amazon KingLED 1200 blurp to the SF2000.

First grow had multiple initial issues, between lighting and environment (cold April).

New babies are getting leggy and I don’t know how far to set the light or what dimmer setting.

Right now about 55% at about 26" (lowered today from 30").

Planted 8/3 after paper towel germination.

FFHF soil, 5 gal pots

ILGM super auto pack (BB, GG, GSC)

Thoughts on the light? At least the blurp came with “instructions” (even if they were fake lol)

(You can check out my first grow and pics by clicking my name and going to my first time fail topic haha)

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First tiny babies :sweat_smile:

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I have a couple sf2000 and I start mine about like you said 30" about half power but if they stretch I drop it down to 25" just like you did. If it didn’t stretch I would wait for the second set of serrated leaves and then lower it to 25" if they look happy with it there I’ll go up to 80% then 100 once they have 5 sets of leaves… autos as soon as I see hairs I drop it to 20" and let the plants grow to the light but not closer than 15"… photos I’ll drop to 20" about a week before I flip to 12s for flower and again let em grow to the light but not closer than 15"… the light says 2x4 coverage but any time the light gets closer than about 16" your sides start losing light… the sweet spot is 16-18 inches you have about 1000 ppfd in the center and just under 500 out on the sides 700 front and back

Hope this helps and didn’t make it worse lol sometimes I can babble