Spider Farmer SF1000 led

I have an SF1000 in a 2x2x5 tent. Is this a good light for seed to harvest and if so for how many plants would be ideal?
How close should I have my light and what intensity should I have my dimmer set to?


It should be good for one plant


Welcome ! light should be fine from start to finish. I also vote one plant for the 2x2 space. I have not used that brand of light but several growers on here have they can recommend height for different stages of growth.

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It’s important to consider that plants see a wider spectrum of light than the human eye can see and that spectrum is referred to as PPFD. Lux (or lumens) only measures light spectrum that the human eye can see. Different lights from differing manufacturers will all have PPFD differences driven by the types of components used to manufacture the lights.

PPFD probably doesn’t mean anything to a lot of growers, but there is guidance that can provide a helpful relative comparison:

PPFD for seedlings: 300 PPFD
PPFD for veg stage: 600 PPFD
PPFD for flowering stage: 800 PPFD

So lumens would look something like this. I’ve just made numbers up for illustration of a relative comparison.

Seedlings: 20,000 lumens
Veg: 40,000 lumens
Flowering: 50,000 lumens

As far as how close: hold your hand at the canopy level of the plant. If you can feel the heat on the back of your hand, then it is too close. Let the plant tell you how much she needs by looking at things like node spacing. The SF-1000 is only a 100 watt light, so it’s hard to get it too close.


I have not checked HLG recently. They must have just added this beauty. If I had a 2x2 I know what I would want. Some serious light


Spider farmer lights are up around the top if not the top of the mid class led grow lights the sf1000 as long as it’s not the d model can cover a 2x2 tent pretty well and you can do four little plants or a single larger plant. This is an email from spider farmer on the sf1000


Yes within a week or so maybe 2 weeks they just added that light. Supposed to be super good coverage for the light.

If u didn’t buy yet and can drop a bit more on a light I’d go with a diff light hlg even build a PLC strip light

I’m sure HLG would do well with and would do a great job on something specifically for a 3x3. Maybe 30x30 or smaller that could crank out 700 - 1000 PPFD wall to wall, corner to corner. Either boards or strips. Which ever is lighter and produces less heat. I would scuttle what I am using.

My second run in that same set up. I would only grow one at a time in this tent but I tend to let my plants get a little leggy. Lol
The light worked flawlessly from seed to flower.


I used 2x SF-1000’s in my 2x4 tent for my first grow.
Had 3x 3 gallon pots with autos. The lights worked well.

After 8-9 weeks I got a deal on HLG 350R and purchased it for bragging rights and swapped out the lights with the SF1000’s. I do miss the adjustibility of the 2 seperate lights. I lent them to a buddy
that I got into growing his own autos.
I recommend them for a small tent or closet, work well and dont make much heat. They need to lower their price a bit though.