Spider Farmer SF1000 LED setting

Newbie here attempting to grow one plant using Feminized Autoflowering Pineapple strain purchased from ILGM. I used soaking in water to paper towel when taproot was 3/4 inch which took 50 hours I transplanted to 1.5"x1.5"x2" pot. The seedling appeared shortly thereafter 72 Hours. My question is I have only one SF1000 Light. It has the ability to be adjusted from Min 20 40 60 80 MAX. This is done with an analog knob. There is also a switch to disable the ability to dim the lights. Should I disable dimming and just use full lighting through the grow process or use dimming and if I should what would the settings be throughout the grow. I really need the help from an experienced grower familiar with these lights. Thanks for any help.

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I’m not familer with your light but having the ability to dim your lights is great. You can and should use less power with a seedling & you save wear on your light & your wallet at the same time. you can use it at full power if thats what you want but put the light far enough away, but not too far as to cause the seedling to strech too much

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For seedling i wouldnt use 100.

I have my sf1000 set at 50 with these guys. I have a ts1000 also both set at 50

I just want to make sure I am on the same page. I am just growing one plant to learn I have the SF1000 at 24" above the seedling per the instructions. They don’t talk about the dimmer unfortunately so I will take your advice and turn to 50% with 18 hours on and 6 hours off. If I can pick your brain when would I begin to change the dimmer light from 50%. Thanks again for all your advice.

I was advised to use 50% for the seedling. I was also advised to keep grow light 24" from seedling which I have done. Quick question is there a way to notice that a seedling is stretching to much and the light needs to be lowered? Thank in adance.

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If you see them starting to stretch, lower your light. When they start showing sex, start increasing the lighting in intervals.

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Try to keep your nodes around 1" er so apart its tricky to learn but you’ll get the hang of it. Indica is usually a shorter & bushier plant than sativa so you’ll notice a difference in the light height needed with the two different strains. These plants are different somewhat with each grow even the same strain so when you get a great plant try to clone it and keep the genetics of it going. (unless its an auto)

Thank you for the invaluable advice. Unfortunately they are auto and I am newbie and have no idea how to clone a plant. More studying which I love to do on that topic. I really want to succeed in having a personal stash year round to help with my issues. I am so glad I found this medicine it gives so much relief to me. I found what’s difficult is that there is so much information out there much of it contradictory that you really need the common sense to sift through and take what you believe is fact and apply and hopefully be able to disregard that information which does not pertain to me. For the life of me I have no idea why I chose Pineapple not even pineapple express. I must have been 2 stoned when ordering cause I paid top dollar for 5 Pineapple seeds. I know at least 20 good strains I am very familiar with but yet the next day I saw I ordered 5 Pineapple feminized Autoflowering seeds and a Spider Farmer tent at 2x2x6 with all you need to start. I am very happy with it all except you really have to search and search for for answers from really kind and generous folks willing to pass down I am sure years and years of live boots on the ground expiernce. You can’t beat that kind of info and I for one really am grateful for anyone who steps up.


When you get to cloning (eh maybe way before there’s a kerbillion posts) read this Hellraiser Cloning
@hellraiser is a real accomplished grower an will guide you thru cloning of all types. I know what you mean about jumpping on seeds I have 17 types in my fridge. An still want more veriety of them.

Is trading allowed like I said I bought 5 Pineapple Feminized Autoflowering from ILGM. I only planted one since it’s my first attempt I want to learn as much as I can before stating multiple. Anyways if you interested in Pineapple do trades take place on this forum. I don’t want to break any rules.

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No we aren’t allowed to use personal info on this site because of personal security issues that may arise from it. I see that some of the people on here go to other web sites and meet up like DM or IG er some sites that I’m sure younger (than me) would use. Be carefull

I think I’ll just stick to purchasing from ILGM the first seed I choose has done wonderful so far. The whole scene here seems put together very well. All the information you need appears to be here with lots of help and good product recommendations. I’ll feel much more comfortable after I get my first harvest under my belt that’s for sure. So much to keep track off your first time. I am keeping a personal log book of everything I do so I won’t make same mistakes and continue to do what’s right through all your excellent suggestions. I have done all I can to get temp under 80 in Grow tent but it’s just not possible. The best so far is 84 that’s with 2 fans an inline blower and carbon filter. I did order a circulating fan since both mine are stationary. For me to get my house to 77 or 78 degrees in Florida would cost me a fortune. Any suggestions to cool grow room when house temp is 79 or 80 would be appreciated

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So whos light is better sidd by side comparison on what they do?? Mh or sf???

Welcome to the forum. Ive only been a member for a few weeks, and its crazy how much ive learned, and how passionate everyone is about helping. You picked the rite place!

Fans, fans, fans! I have an inline fan in tent, as well as a clip on oscillating fan. Ive been lucking to have a room above garage with its own seperate ductless mini split heat/air. Big help so far.

So its pretty even. This is my first grow with them. I will show you results on my journal which at the moment i cant remember what i named it lol. I will come back on and share in a lil bit.

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79 or 80 won’t hurt your grow but when harvesting it will become a problem, having lived in Fla. before I think you’ll have an issue with RH too in flower & harvest both. I think of the two (temp & RH) I’d worry more about the RH & mold problems you might wind up with. Had my cars tires in storage in a garage accually stick to the floor over a summer in south Fla.

I am using Foxfarm Happy Frog potting soil I believe the yellow began after I transferred from 1 to 5 gal pot. I layered soil with layers of sprayed distilled water contains Foxfarm Nutrients Grow Big 6-4-4. Here are my soil numbers pH 5.7 EC 1.8 PPM 904 Temp 78.8 Any help please.