Spider farmer s4000checking out with huge difference!

Gooood Morning! Ladies. Does my baby’s like there new toy daddy got you? Lmao :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: this thing has shown sure difference in all my growth in just 24 hrs. I highly recommended! My four by eight is otw as we speak! I’ll send you some updates when I get her up! She should be plenty lit up with this led and my 350w cmh! Can’t wait for some flowers to bloom!


Nice can’t wait for progress photos best of luck :v:

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i have a sf4000 also. i can’t run it over 80% or my plants tell me to turn it down. just a heads up. other than that it rocks you’ll notice a huge diff.

Yes mine started to holler around 75. :joy: And yes I can tell a huge difference already. I adore it.

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You could move it further away from your plants and increase the intensity.

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I run the 4000 they put the work in. Happy growing and congrats on the new toy for the garden

Thanks guys and if you have any tips hmu. Just got to bags of the coast of main. Added half a bag of cow manure, one and a half nice size bags of extra worm castings, some vermiculite… I think I’m ready for my ww autos to get here! And btw shout out to the best seed bank ever as far as genetics and customer service. Man they truly stand by there word. Two of GSCE didn’t germinate, they couponed my order back to me and now I have 109 worth of ww. Had to jump on that twenty seed deal!


Thats awesome!

tried that and survey says negative effects in my garden. i tried like hell but the plants just didnt react well till i dropped it too 80.

i use COM also. add a couple dry amendmants and you could go just water and flower nutes on th9ose autos.

What did your plants not react well to?

to the light being above 80% at all. could tell that the growth suffered.

I got you, yeah my little seedlings seems to like it from low to about 25. Tell me what you think.

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Hey bro did you say add bloom fertilizer to my auto seedlings?

in your soil mix.

Dry amendments I take it?