Spider farmer s4000

Who has spider farmer lights with some results from using?


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SF-2000 in a 2x4 tent. Two plants, 2 days before harvested:

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Newt what kinda medium are you using? If you don’t mind me asking?

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Plants are absolutely beautiful!

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That was in HP ProMix, with Mycos.

I’m using a mix of two bags coast of Maine, half bag of cow manure, bag and a half of worm castings, half bag of vermiculite. It’s my first grow and after all my youtubing research and familiar with plants and trees owning a tree company this was my shot for greatness. I have a four by eight tent with the s4000 and a 350 watt cmh. I have four girl scout cookies extreme autos taking off these are a week old seedlings and this big one was a freebie out the bag of some gas! But I believe Lord willing I should have a good crop. Im going to try to do like fifteen total plants. I have twenty white widow autos in the mail!! You think I could pull off fifteen with the scrog net? Sog method? Gimme some advice? Lol

If you scrog, it isn’t about the number of plants. You could fill that space with 4 plants if you went photos and took the time to train them. If you stick with the autos, you have less time to train, before they start flowering.

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Here’s a few pics

Well I’m going to have at least eight autos and the others are probably photos since they came from a bag. What about my medium? Good stuff or not?

This was my second grow with a sf 4000
Great light

What kinda medium and how long you been growing and what kinda smoke is that?

What strain

Never used it, so no real help.