Spider farmer led lights

got a 3x3x6 tent should I be good with the sf 2000 or 2 of the sf 1000​:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Depends on your harvest goals, a SF4000 would cover the 3x3 area much better.

Yea but this my first grow so I’m not trying to spend 600+ on a light when I can get a lower version that can do the job for cheaper

Jus not sure if it’s better to get 2 sf 1000 or 1 sf2000 that’s where I’m stuck at… I think by gosling with 2 sf1000 I will get better coverage for flowering and veg better than jus 1 sf2000

Doesn’t matter either way you got 200 watts with 2 sf1000 or 1 sf2000. For about the same price as the sf2000, you could get a HLG 260 rspec kit thats actually 280 watts and a better light.


I’d go with the HLG260 Rspec, you will get better buds.