Spider Farmer 4000 Owners Assemble!

Getting ready to start my second grow, first time with multiple plants. I have a 5x5 tent and an SF4000. I plan on growing 9 white widow autos this time, only grew one pineapple express on my first grow. My question is, how do you guys run your lights? Adjust wattage? Height? Leave it in one spot the whole time? Any and all advice, opinions, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Not the same light, similar operations.
Seedlings you run dim, and somewhat close (everyone’s fixture varies) veg a bump to the dimmer to about 1/3 to 50%, but a little more distance, flowering you bump to almost 90% and lower the fixture a little at a time until the plants scream uncle. (Sort of) you find where they like it most.


Just ordered one of these. Retiring the HPS’s I hope. At the very least my pictures will be better! And my el bill smaller…