Speeding up flowering

I was just reading another post where @Donaldj, @MacGyverStoner and a few other experienced growers suggested to a newbie (like me) to shorten his light time in order to speed up flowering. My girls have been under 12/12 for 11 days and are just now starting to show the beginnings of flowers…white hairs. Should I go to 11/13 or wait a bit longer? Thanks for any help😊

I would wait at least a month before cutting the time as you will absolutely lose yield if you cut it now

I only cut time when I need to finish something up faster, and then only in last couple weeks


So be it, thanks for the advice!

You want to reduce light cycle slowly 10-15min a week getting no lower than 10 hours this will help then finish 1-2weeks sooner but remember there is a trade off in yield.

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As @Paranorman said. Is the yield that much less? I think I’d prefer the bigger yield rather than saving a few weeks because of my impatience. Thanks

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