Speed up veg, fertilizer q

Also, what kind of soil are you growing those in? You never said they were seedlings! The pH is important, but seedlings should be started in an almost nutrient free “seedling starter” soil. The seedling can’t take off and grow if all its new fine delicate roots, and overall its entire cellular system is being overwhelmed with too hot/strong of nutrients that are actually killing it more than helping it.


These seedlings are small enough, you should be able to carefully separate them and put them in separate containers in a more appropriate seedling starter growing media.


I was asked to come and reply to this thread. However; I see that you all have it covered.

Yes. Seedlings are way too small for nutrients. Whoever has several plants in a pot should follow advice and transplant them to a small pot 1 gallon Max.

Great advice throughout this topic. Peace