Sparklers for the 4th (or heavy metals in your buds?)

When I saw @Stomper comment about microwaving a bud, I couldn’t find the thread but I think he said it lit a paper towel on fire in his microwave !? I didn’t know what to think about that ?

I’ve trimmed and nuked many buds to get an idea where I was at back in the day, never had a spark, didn’t really know what he meant…?

Last night I snipped a bud, tossed it in the microwave, soon as I pushed start a spark shot up like I was nuking aluminum foil !?

@stomper do I recall from that thread if you were using GH flora and switched after the fireworks display in your microwave? I’m using GH Flora now !

By the way, this plant had been flushed for at least 7-10 days and it’s still sparked like a Roman Candle ! :frowning:

Yikes, sounds like something we need to figure out immediately!

I was using Miracle Grow soil and the same brand fertilizer. I so overdid that grow I killed them all but two and only got a quarter oz out of the two. See, I am not crazy after all :smile_cat:

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It was from “Clipping Buds to Dry” May 22

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I’ll swear to it Stomper!:slight_smile: LOL

I don’t know what to think about this ?

This bud lit up like Christmas and the 4th of July combined ! I couldn’t believe it

I love the Simplicity of GH Flora but I’m pretty sure I’m going to be trying something else, and soon…

I’ve used at least three other nutrients and have clipped and nuked bud from all and have never seen this ?

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I actually do have a concern because after my body gave out I went back to school and then got a job writing Superfund Cleanup documents with the chemists and engineers for the EPA. Ingesting heavy metals are almost always bad in excess. Carcinogens. Getting heavy metals in your lungs…? How much of this can be transferred by smoking or eating it? I am not a scientist so I dont know. I was the tech writer and read hundreds of these same reports.

The grow I am doing now started in the same MG soil but I repotted it in Cocoloco and just tried a snippet in the microwave. Not one spark.

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I’m using Fox Farm ocean Forest soil, but the common denominator I see is we were both using GH Flora !

Are you still using GH? If it didn’t Spark then bet you’re not. I think I see something here that’s kind of bothering me ?

This plant had been flushed for 7-10 days and it still sparked the second I pushed the on button !

It was on maybe one second but it came out almost too hot to handle and smelled burnt too

I will not use that MG soil or fertilizer anymore. I didnt use anything at all for the finish of the veg after repotting then, I used Dynagrow Bloom for the flower and pure maple syrup for the fattening.