Spare room as grow space

Does the grow space have to be a tent or closet? Can I use the corner of the spare room ?

Thank you!

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I did. And I put running water and a sink in there. I built a 5’x10’ room. :v::sunglasses:


You just need to make sure that you can keep the plant in 12 hours of darkness to initiate
The flowering process. So if you have a room with no light, or windows, you can grow in a corner.


I built a 8’x10’x8’ room in my basement. No windows. My only issue in my room is the ventilation which will be addressed in July. Will also be adding in an independent 20amp line dedicated to my room. Having all my lights and all equipment plugged in will no longer be an issue with the tripping of breakers.


I know what you mean with tripping breakers - dang old houses! When we finish the basement we’ll be putting in a subpanel so that should ease the load.

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Spare room? We had a spare bathroom

Spare bath tub too

Did a couple of autos, then I covered the windows, and made sure there was not stray light in the room. Second grow with photos. This is my bonus space.