Spacing of plants outside

A question from a fellow grower:

Can you please tell me how close together plants can be planted in an outside hoop house? We have some of your White Widow and Gold Leaf. Need to know plant spacing and row spacing for best yield. Is 4-foot centers enough?

It depends on how long the Grow season is and if you train them or top them…both promote bushiness.
If you have limited space, 4 feet should work for you but if you have more space and go for bushy and a long season give them more room.

Plants outside need to be placed about 8-12" apart if you wanna get first you can put them 6" apart, when I plant out door though I put them 1 ft (12") apart

only 12" apart for an outdoor grow and 6-7-8 foot tall plants?

6’ on average an yes I’ve never had a problem with it I started growing out door and succeded before I tried to learn indoor stuff and I grew out door most of the time this is my 4th year doing indoor and I’ve kept out door going until colder weather hits, and I’ve done outdoor for some time now lol