Spacing between bud sites?

This is my second grow i but i had the same problem with th first grow. The spacing between the nodes dont fill out or the buds really. Out of the 4 ww i only yielded 2 ounces per plant really good bud but i dont know whats happening. I posted yesterday and member gave me a support ticket to fill out any help will be appreciated

Strain; Type, Bag seed, 3 hybrid 1 sativa im not to sure what they are they were free fems when i bought ww seeds

Soil in pots, Coco / cannna

System type? Hand water
PH of runoff is 6.5

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS? Full strength


Light system, size? 1200w viperspecter

Temps; Day, Night
25 20
Humidity; Day , Night
65 40
Ventilation system; Yes, can fan 5" and filter

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,
No no yes
Co2; No


How big is your tent? And is this your lights?
If so, it shows 524 watts actual. You may need more light.

Also, I remember someone saying something about that brand’s leds leaning more blue, you might need more red spectrum for flowering.

Tent size 4x4 and yeah thats the one

How much light is needed then

524 watts divided by the 16 square feet in your tent is 32.75 watts per square foot. 50 watts per square foot is the mark to shoot for, generally speaking. Your plants are stretching because of the lack of intensity in the lightning. The buds not filling in could be genetics, but again, I think it’s mostly lighting.

There are some real lighting pros on here that I’m sure will respond, too. I just play a botanist on the internet! But you might be able to get a couple smaller, red-leaning units to supplement.

What week of flower are they in?

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I would say you are in week 3 of flower.

Please be more informative on your particulars so we can help. What soil, what is your watering regimen, what nutes specifically and how much how often, how do you measure ph etc. All of these are important data that is good for YOU too, to have a good record for next time.

Give us a chance and your yields will go up dramatically.

@Impala64. The problem isn’t happening during flower, it’s during vegg. You have enough watts for your size tent, just not enough coverage. You would be better off with say 4 300w lights so you can spread them out better. You have a 4x4 tent? 4 300s would cover just 2x2 with each light spilling into each other. Viparspectras are great for vegg with the heavy blue. While in vegg, you need your lights closer. I get my node spacing so close, it becomes a hindrance. I just started a new grow and raised my CFL up some so I get a little more spacing. Here’s how close my branches are from having the light close during vegg 1519104897073

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If you can see, look at all the spots I had to remove off shoot branches from the main branches1519105067059 I count four areas. So 4x2, because they branch on both sides. And that’s from the main stalk until the black twist tie

Week 6 i have another 900w led would that be to much ya reckon
25L pots
Coco medium brand canna
Nutrient is ionic bloom 10ml to 1L
Ph is measured by digital pen
feed on wednesday usually 3.5 to 4 L watered on sunday usually 4L.

So really how close can i lower the light to the top of the canopy

@Impala64 I know nothing about your nutes, but yes, absolutely, I would add the other light. When I vegg, I use a 6500k 65w CFL I keep just a couple inches above my seedlings. After about two weeks I put it under my LEDs about 18" away

Would one 65w CFL be enough to sprout one seedling? I made a group of 4 CFLs to sprout 4 or so seeds

So the closer the light is when it sprouts it keeps the structure of the plant nodes smaller?

@Impala64. If you want to talk to someone specific put the @ in front of name. Give me a sec and I’ll shoot some pictures

@Impala64 I’m sorry, I misspoke, it is 55w 5000k 3700 lumen bulb. In my pics I have the light a bit high than normal trying to get"more" space between nodes. Still think I need it higher IMG_20180221_013418IMG_20180221_013354