Space tote grow bucket

Hey yall. Starting a budget indokr grow. With primo seed of course ising a 30 dollar hesien light 300w got good reviews. Using an artic air and air purifier. Heres slme pics .please pleae help. Old guy? Thanks so much

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@Willgreene45 what are your plans for when she gets tall? That’s a very short space.

Sorry mate but you’re going to be disappointed in the results even a “1000” watt mars hydro produces at best mediocre plants, growing pot is an investment , the more you put in the better they come out but the reverse is even more true


This seems suspect. I paid 500 for a 300 watt light. Good reviews or not, that light is suspect. @GreenSnek is right, you will likely be met with some dissapointment. That being said, keep going, worst case is you learn some things avout growing best case you get some flower to smoke. Even 1/2 zip better then nothing right?

I cant find your light anywhere. Can you link it?

Update on space tote 5000. Nkrthern light’s looking strong. Seed in shot glass july 25. Was 24 hr. Then 20 4 for a week now 18b6. Molasses advanced nut. Myco dosing. Still.noot feeding expert. Im trying train these to stay short. Itvlooks like i got bonsai effect?