Space Requirements

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“am stuck n am building a house inclusive of the grow room.the problem is I want a grow room that can accomodate .3000 plants so I would appreciate it if you would advice on the space also the budget I would actually need to setup the lab using the CO2 grow room plus the 600watt hps.”

If you are really meaning 3 thousand individual plants you are talking about a warehouse sized commercial grow and are looking at many many thousands of dollars. If you mean 300 a decent sized basement and personally I would think even trying to be frugal I would want a 5k budget . But many guys know tricks I don’t @yoshi @Hogmaster @ktreez420

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@peachfuzz can help and I’ll chime in later on my opinions due me getting ready for a meeting but once I’m done I’ll come back and give you some ideas to what might be feasible !


shipping containers might be a good option for space…

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You must understand that even in a legal state if the feds were ever given the green light to drop the Hamer … anything over 100 plants is a mandatory 5 years and anything over 1000 is a mandatory 10 years… just a heads up… :wink:
If your op is going to be that big , I would suggest that you do alot of homework … :wink:

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We here at ILGM are not commercial growers and would appreciate it and if you would take your question’s else where. This is just a friendly warning


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