Space Needs to Grow

How much space I need to grow 500 plants? Square feet?

I’m applying for a Grower A license soon.

you in CA?

Rough guess? Half a football field. Minimum

Depends on how big you want to grow the plants then. Multiply that by 50

If you alotted 2x2 square per plant
Youd need 2000 square feet for 500
Plus all the plumbing and electricity to handle the equipment indoors
Outdoor youll need more space since they will naturally get bigger and i would double the square footage at least
Good luck
Happy growing

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I’m in Michigan. And shopping for a building

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Thank You Countryboyjvd1971.

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Josh1126 can you give me an example of what your saying?

Meant to say 500 but if you want say 3 square feet for every plant then you would just multiply the 3 by 500 giving you 1500 square feet of space plus you would have to factor in room to get to the plants so maybe another 2feet between the plants. So that would be another 1000. Totaling 2500 square ft of space for 500 plants

Nice. Thanks Josh1126. This info makes my building shopping so much easier.

Hope you find what your looking for also don’t forget a little extra room for storage and whatnot

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3 square feet is only 1.5’ x 1.5’
9 square feet would probably be that 3x3 box you mean.

You can run every thing for plumbing, lighting climate control, whatever either in the overhead, under a raised floor, through the basement or crawl-space - but you need to walk and work amongst the plants. So think about the size of a table, how many plants you would grow on it, measure out a box that’s comfortable to walk around it on at least 2 sides.

Like, a coffee table that is 3x6 could probably hold 2 big plants, half a dozen in veg, or a bunch of sprouts. So that is 18 square feet. But now walk around the table and you probably need another 2 feet all the way around - which could be 5x10, or 50 square feet…

You can figure different plant totals for different areas (sprout, veg, bloom, drying, curing), and big industrial tables mean you lose less to ‘walking around’ space.

Use that number for a realistic square footage that won’t have you wanting to expand in a year.

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@Whodat66 the 3x3 square is what I was talking about thank for clarifying that I worded it funky