Space (is) Limit? LED


Is there smt called “too tight” like a limit of space. They do it SCROG ,but when I LST’d and canopy is like a screen what are refferences… LED have good penetration and small core coverage thats why i get them too close eachother.

If there any changes to move them around and let them breathe ? They all got wide as container where they grow. i think that way -if floor reflect any light there are light wasted#?! My pic measure is 4X2, metric 120x65. And i have 2X 600 VS WOrking full power

Autos btw =) 6 of them. 4,5gallons and 2 ,4gallons.
Im a outdoor gardener and all of indoorig is new to me. Thats why ask so much around. Outdoor random bagseed grower, but now ILGM trusted costumer/friend. And want all best of my growing Ladies. All ppl in here so warm and helpful. I think this is the place i settle down =)


Welcome to the best forum my friend!
Nice girls you have there!:+1: How many if I may ask? :flushed: what strain?
I don’t think it’s a space limit for that but is best for buds not to touch each other😈. Also will be wonderful to have a good fan to move the air (I personally put mine under the screen /bottom of the box)


Your 6 are looking very nice. Welcome to ilgm. 2 600 led is tight for 6 plants, but they look great!


@beginner2d you may want to move them a bit. They need to get good airflow and once they get bigger they arr likely to develop mold if left too close together!


I have 2 fans.

And 1 air intake.


What You mean 2 600leds are tight? My question is about space and how i go further. Not enough light? Or what? My par levels are good, even a luxmeter shows a norm sunshine reading


@beginner2d try to get one of those fans blowing below the canopy and that would help. Sometimes you may notice if you move leaves and they are laying on top of others, you will see a little water. The leaves and buds need to breathe so that water doesnt sit there and mold! But your girls look great!!!


I thought your light was why you had the plants so close together, so they all had light.


Right about mold. Great genetics must be cared for. Mold is pesky and often will form in tight areas. Experience will help you to understand your grow space better.


I pack mine in really tight… as long as your humidity never exceeds 40% humidity you shouldn’t have to worry about mold… nice looking girls… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Thx @peachfuzz. Humi is 50’ but when lights go off(18/6 ) ,then humi rise ~60%.
And you say tightness not shrink yields. Thats what i wanna hear =)

2days ago , big as thumb and hard like c… :upside_down_face:


Pretty plants. You are definitely going to want to put some space between pots if you want those colas to stretch on out there! Good grow keep it growing!


Ha a little late! I hope you got a massive harvest.


Average on plant 80g. Biggest 100g in Pic lower, lowest 65. Autos. First time indoor. I’m happy