SP 3000 LED assistance needed

New and lost about how to use 1st light. its supposed to cover 2 by 4 area The grow closet is a light 2 feet 3 inches wide and 7 feet deep . I will use reflective paper wrapped around the walls under the light and a make shift board @ 4 feet deep with reflective paper to close off the extra length and for reflection. I do not own a par meter , can anyone chime in on settings such as light height? Can i follow Mr Dj CoCo tests @ 2by4 grow tent? I have the par numbers @ plants life cycle, but i dont have the Par meter so im lost, im at my budgets end. any advice is helpful, thanks.
Mars Sp3000 LED

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I would use the manufacturer recommended settings for each stage and then watch the plant for stretching or any burn and adjust from there the man thing is don’t over thank it this is suppose to be fun.

Absolutely following coco for cannabis.
I have a sp3000 and while i cant remember the heights, the one grow i used it for was following his testing.

I go to them for all my lights and I’ve got 6 different fixtures :sweat_smile:.

That sp3000 is one if the best lights marshydro makes

The closest i ran it in got used for storage but its still hanging in there :laughing:

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Thanks Happy. The manual wasn’t that great however. i think buying a lux meter to measure par might be the best bet. i see them for$20-30 on amazon.

The manual says 18” for all stages; 50% seedlings, 75% veg and 100% at flower.

what page is that on Bobcat? I cant find it in my manual

Just get the Photone app. It’s free. Measures PAR and DLI. A lot of growers on here use it. Did I mention it’s free??

Sorry for the delay in getting back with you. It is in their FAQ.

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